Monday, 28 May 2012

Why You Want a Smaller iPad

Mention the word tablet and only one thing comes to mind – the iPad. This tablet is the one that sent Apple soaring high, along with the iPhone. It seems that Apple has struck gold in design and features that go well together.

The iPad has constantly dominated the market every time a new version is released. Millions of units are always sold in a matter of days. That’s just how popular their tablets are. To sell your iPad for a different tablet is just crazy!

But what if, you were to sell your iPad for a smaller one? Isn’t that great?

Before you say “I’m going to get an iPod Touch instead,” a mini iPad is a really neat idea, especially in a 7 inch version.

You’ve seen that smaller tablets are also useful and can prove to be a big hit, like the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire sold two million, so why not a smaller iPad?


A small tablet is a very manageable device. If you like bringing the iPad everywhere you go but you get annoyed by how big it is, a smaller iPad is probably the best thing for you.

It’ll easily fit into your bag. It’ll also be lighter, allowing you to use it without tiring your hands that much anymore.

Ease of Use

Since you’ll be holding a smaller tablet, you’ll be able to use it easily! Sure, viewing websites won’t be that grand like on a full – sized tablet, but you won’t notice anyway.

It’ll be easier to hold! In fact, you can use it with just one hand if you want. By getting a proper kickstand or accessory, you’ll be able to quickly type without having to use your two hands.

Reduced Price

While Apple devices generally get plenty of praise, one thing is for sure – they get a lot of complaints when it comes to prices.

Sure, their iPods are worth the money and easy to afford, but are their tablets and computers worth it? No matter how good a device is, an expensive product will always be expensive.

With a smaller iPad that has a cheaper price though, millions more will probably flock to Apple stores without actually breaking their piggy banks.

When that happens, Apple will probably control the whole world!


With the new iPad out, Apple managed to beat everyone else by providing a screen with the highest resolution ever. The result is an astounding screen that displays amazing clarity and colors.

If Apple were to port this technology into a smaller iPad screen, the result will be even better. That’s because the pixels will be more scrunched up – provided they stick to the same resolution.


The idea of having a mini iPad has been around since the release of the first iPad. People have wanted to get a smaller iPad for a few years now because they think the iPad is a little bulky. With a smaller iPad, Apple will clearly dominate every category of the tablet market.


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