Thursday, 27 September 2012

Multitasking With the New iPad

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Many pundits found the original iPad almost flawless when it was released in 2010. It was regarded as the best tablet PC yet. However, some users found it disappointing when they tried to view some videos online. The iPad 1 could not play videos that ran on Adobe Flash player, which was the major online video player. Another missing feature from the iPad was the function to multitask. It could not run multiple applications at the same time. Some even sold their iPads just to get a laptop, which is, of course, far more efficient. Because of this, users could not look at the iPad more than just a novelty; certainly never a device for serious work.

The second generation of the iPad, which was released in March 2011, Apple developed to be almost similar to a standard computer: It can now multitask. If you want to toggle back and forth between one app to another, you can now do so with the iPad 2 without turning off the app. There are several ways to multitask.

Multitasking can now be done with the iPad because of the iOS 4.2. In this operating system, you just tap the iPad’s Home button twice to see the recently used applications and select the one you want to use now. If the iPad is in portrait mode, meaning the screen is vertical, six app icons are on the Multitask Bar; in landscape (the screen is horizontal), there are six icons in the bar.

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You can close an app by removing it from the Multitask bar. You just press down on an app and hold it until it vibrates. Tap the minus sign on the app you want to close.

With the Multitask Bar, you save time and energy. You can copy and paste data from one app to another with the multitasking function. It also lets you go from one app to another without closing the first app, letting you go back to your previous work. Besides, who uses just one app, anyway? With the Multitask Bar, you do not have to sell your iPad to buy a laptop because it is not as good as the latter.

However, there can be a bad side whenever you multitask. Imagine doing all this work at the same time: You are typing an e-mail, while receiving calls, then someone comes in the room and asks you to do this and that. Your head might explode with too many tasks. Maybe it is not really multitasking, since you switch from one task to another.

One disappointment brought to Apple users was that the new iPad did not have the iOS 5 operating system. The If the new iPad has this new OS, then it allows the user to bring up the Multitask Bar by swiping four or five fingers on the screen, which is not available in the new iPad’s OS. You can also swipe left or right to view and switch apps.

See, Apple really wants its customers to have better tablet experience than any other tablet companies. Who says you cannot multitask with the iPad?

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Must-Have Accessories for Your iPad

The Apple tablet PC known as the iPad is the most loved tablet we have today. It is very efficient and useful in many things like reading books and periodicals, watching movies, playing games, listening to music, surfing the web, and many more. Buying an iPad is a good investment for some. Moreover, once it is broken, it is very easy to get rid of it by selling old iPads online.

iPad users must keep in mind that there are accessories for iPads out there that are pretty important. Here are some accessories for your iPad that can extend the life of your iPad for a long time.

Bluetooth Headsets

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Although headsets are very cheap, sometimes it costs you a lot whenever it gets broken like having the wires snapped. You can easily distinguish if the headset is broken or not because you your favorite music you listen to always sounds different now. With a Bluetooth headset, you can listen to your music without any worries about the wires. You will also save a lot of money from having this instead of the vulnerable earphones.

Home Chargers

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Obviously, your gadget will not run without electricity. That is why chargers are important. It is very good to have two chargers: One for home, another for work. Try not to overcharge it though. This might lead to overheating that will greatly affect the battery life of your tablet. Once the battery gets affected, the best thing to do is to sell iPad. Moreover, Apple chargers have built-in IC for charge protection.

Desktop Chargers

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Desktop chargers are very useful in such a way that they act as chargers and USB connectors for iPads and computers. They allow you to charge, synchronize and keep your tablet updated. This kind of chargers also allows you to charge additional or spare batteries.

Car Chargers

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Sometimes, we run out of batteries on the way to work, or we forget to charge our tablets at home. However, with a car charger, you can now drive while charging your tablet. Charge your tablet with a 12-V DC car plug. This charger also has built-in IC for safe charging.


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To prevent scratches and dents, you must have an iPad leather case. Cases not only provide protection for your iPad, but also give it style and convenience. With a case, you can customize your iPad to make it look different from the iPads of other users. In short, cases give you protection and beauty for your iPad.

Data Cables

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You definitely need this accessory if you want to transfer data from your PC to your iPad, or vice-versa. With a data cable, you can have a link between your iPad and your computer. It can also sync and back-up your contact list, music and other things on your iPad.

Screen Protectors

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Who wants scratches on the screen of their iPad? It is better to have a screen protector to prevent dust, fingerprints and scratches from your iPad’s screen. Most protectors nowadays are custom-made for the iPad so you do not have to worry about cutting it. Moreover, an iPad free from scratches will also give your higher price quote once you decide to sell iPad online.

Wireless Keyboard

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You know how hard it is to type on an iPad. It makes your finger joints sore. With a wireless keyboard, you will find it easy to type any text you want. It is like turning your iPad into a laptop. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The iPad Mini Rumor Roundup

There is so much talk about the coming of the iPad Mini that people are getting excited to sell iPad in preparation for its launch. There is a lot of information as to when this will be made available, and people are getting confused. For a long time, Apple has never been expected to join the competition between Amazon and Samsung (and lately, Google) for dominance in the smaller tablet PC market. After all, Steve Jobs was reputed to be against the production of a smaller iPad.
But then, for the past two years, we have been treated to countless leaked photos of the alleged gadget. 

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People were even expecting it to be launched with the iPhone 5 in the September 12 event. Rumors, leaked photos, and supposed features have been circulating on the Internet. This has made people more and more excited in anticipating its launch and release date, although launch of the device did not happen.

Since 7-inch tablet PCs have become famous and preferred by a lot of users, it is not unusual for the Cupertino, CA tech giant to enter into this market, although it was said before that they would never produce a small iPad. But things changed, and now we see the company seemingly responding to the public clamor to have their own small tablet PC made available. People from the company, especially after Jobs’ death, now believe that there is a separate market for this smaller version of their successful iPad and will not encroach on its territory. Moreover, recent court evidence has shown that Jobs was actually receptive to the idea of a smaller iPad.

The smaller iPad is said to be released sometime in October and not in September as was initially thought. Rumor has it that Apple did not want the focus of the people to be divided between the iPad Mini and the iPhone, and wanted the spotlight only on the latter. They say that the iPad Mini deserves its own time in the spotlight, so we can only deduce that it will have its own launch and release date in the future. So, until then, it may be a good idea to start entertaining plans to sell your iPad.

The iPad Mini is said to have a screen size between 7 to 7.85 inches, although there are reports saying it might have a 9-inch screen, comparable to the kindle Fire HD. As to it having a Retina Display, it still remains to be seen. Internal storage is placed at 8 GB, much like that of the Nexus 7 and the first generation of Kindle Fires. Other features are yet to be discovered and will only be known when the time comes for the company to announce its launch to millions of eagerly anticipating loyal followers. So hold on to your devices folks and don’t sell iPad yet until the word becomes official. Be quick on your reflexes though, as a day late will already decrease your iPad’s value.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Why Siri Is Absent From the New iPad

Many iPhone users today believe that the best feature of the most beloved smartphone is Siri, the voice-command feature available on the iPhone 4S and 5. The Siri technology makes it easy for iPhone users to use since they can state a command while their hands are kept busy with something else. It also stands as your own guide in almost everything: Cooking, driving, finding locations, and many more. Because of the positive reviews of the Siri technology, many Apple fans expected that the new iPad would have this feature. So many were really surprised (or even disappointed) that Siri was absent from the new iPad. So is it still worth selling your old iPad and replacing it with a new one?

How come Siri is not on the new iPad when in fact, it was much lauded by many iPhone users? Many even considered it everyone’s best friend that could convert your voice into written text. Siri is like your voice-operated scheduler that will constantly remind you about the things you need to do. So why then, again, is it not on the new iPad where you can do almost everything—the iPad that has almost everything?

Apple Can Never Go Wrong With Her

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Is it because Apple is scared of her? If you think about it, if Apple had put Siri on the new iPad, Apple’s tablet PC would have been given a boost against Google’s tablets. Another thing is, if the new iPad had Siri, “she” would have been a permanent part of Apple’s identity for all its electronics. Since Siri is a famous “lady” now for most of the iPhone generations, why not adopt her into the new iPad family, right? It was so obvious that Apple would add such feature onto the iPad that everyone was surprised when they were wrong.

Many people believe that if the new iPad had Siri, old iPad users will surely sell their old iPads, either 1 or 2, just to meet her. Besides, Siri has a feature that lets you use “natural language.” Moreover, the main reason Siri is the most famous voice-command technology is that she was given a certain level of personality; something that is lacking in previous and current voice-command technologies. Apple can even go further by giving her a human face.

Is Apple Right About Keeping Siri Out?

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Obviously, even without Siri, the new iPad still can stand on its own. Customers will just accept the affect that Siri is not there. And Apple is right. Besides, the new iPad has enough features to help it stand on its own without Siri, like improved gaming cores, the Retina Display technology, and a better camera. With all its new features, a voice-command is something that is lacking.

If you are the type of person who can manually compose your message, or schedule an appointment in a calendar, or maybe look up directions on the map with your fingers, then the new iPad is still a must-have. Besides, having Siri will just give you another reason not to do what you can do easily.

So, even without Siri, you can sell your iPad 1 or 2 and get a new one.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

The iPad for Sports

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To all sports fans out there, do you know that the iPad is used for Sports? Ever since Apple released its very first iPad in 2010, a lot of people found it very efficient in the professional fields like medicine, education, enterprise, and tourism. Now, the iPad can be used in sports. So prepare your to sell old iPads because here is another reason to buy the new one

Remember when playbooks were still made of paper? Well, players now love to use the iPad as a substitute for playbooks. Even the NFL Denver Broncos moved from the conventional playbooks to iPads. They ditched the thick 500-page playbooks for iPads because it was more practical. Why carry a thick book when you can have something thinner, right? Weekly game plans (with opponent scouting reports, videos, and many more) are already put inside the iPads, which will then be distributed to the players.

Apparently, this decision was received fairly well by the players themselves, according to The most notable player who loves it is Peyton Manning, a new quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos are only one of the few teams that have transitioned from playbooks to iPads. The main advantage of having the iPad as a playbook is that it reduces the bulk and weight. It is also an advantage because it is accessible not only in the locker room but also anywhere the player wants it. This is a great advantage since the players are allowed more time to study their game plans and game videos. They do not even have to worry about losing their iPads. Since playbook data is very confidential in the field of sports, the players can use the Remote Wipe option to erase the data once the iPad is misplaced or stolen. No theft will ruin their gameplay.

The main reason players can use the iPad as a playbook is because of the app developed by PlayerLync, which specializes in sports-based technology. This has invited several players to leave their traditional playbooks (and even sell their old iPads) just to have this app for easier reviewing of game plans. 
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There are even players who use the iPad to help them train. The Indian hockey team is one of them. The team uses several apps available, rather than just one app designed for their sport. According to Economic Times, Michael Nobbs, the Indian hockey team coach, uses apps like AVPlayer HD (which enables replays of videos for analysis), iPlayBook Field Hockey HD (which is used to draw strategy plans), and GoodReader for iPad (which is a PDF reader to highlight several sport reports and events).

The great thing about the iPad is that the coach can just connect his iPad to a television or LCD projector using the standard HDMI cable. That way, the team can watch training videos, drills and plays. Moreover, there will be fewer team meetings because the coach can just share data and ideas through their iPads. They can share anything through mail or Wi-Fi transfer anywhere, anytime, and they can access it on their iPads as soon as possible.

Because of its portability, the iPad was able to attract several buyers. Who wouldn’t sell their used iPads for newer and faster ones, right? Besides, the iPad can make almost anything easier and more convenient, not only with the device itself but also with the various apps developed for it. The iPad is very appealing for all kinds of users, whether he or she is a professional, a sportsman, or even an ordinary person.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Student and the Tablet PC

With every school opening, it seems that the prominence of tablet PCs is increasing steadily, while the popularity of laptops is slowly starting to dwindle. While the laptop is still indispensable for some functions, somehow, tablet PCs have caught on with the majority of the features and functions of the laptop. Not only are tablet PCs used for entertainment purposes or to show off, but a lot of models these days can be used in academic-related activities, which is a huge benefit for students.

A majority of tablets don the same look – a slate screen and buttons on the side. However, that doesn’t mean that they are the same when it comes to functions. Some tablets are better in some factors, while others have their own advantages that provide their unique selling point. Thus, there are tablets that perform better than others, depending on the school-related task.

So, should students sell iPad and switch to an Android device, or are iPads still the best, even for students? Here are the tablets we think are best, depending on particular tasks:

For note-taking and drawing: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ($499.99+) 

While there are still a lot of concerns regarding the Galaxy Note, any student who wants the best tablet for scribbling, hand-writing notes, drawing, or doodling will certainly be in love with the Galaxy Note 10.1. The S Pen, or the stylus, that comes along with this tablet/smartphone has 1,024 sensitivity levels, allowing it to differentiate between a slight and hard press, and everything in between those two. So, your drawings end up amazing and rich with detail. You can also use two apps at the same time, thanks to this tablet’s multitasking capacity. It definitely comes in handy when a student needs to look at a browser and take notes at the same time.

For word processing and other functions: The Asus Transformer Infinity TF700 ($499.99+) 

The Transformer Pad Infinity's 10.1-inch, 1080p display and its Tegra 3 processor makes the Asus Transformer an amazing entertainment gadget. So, if you want to watch a movie or play a game, this tablet is practically the best there is. But there’s definitely more. It has an optional keyboard dock (for an additional $150) that transforms (pun intended) the tablet into a wonderful productivity device. Aside from typing away, the keyboard dock also provides you with additional battery life. If you should sell your iPad and switch to another device, the Asus Transformer is definitely worth considering.

For everything else: the Apple iPad ($499+) 

A student’s use of a tablet PC revolves around a few things: Reading books, drawing, note-taking, surfing the Internet, and doing academic work, including reports, term papers, and presentations. Of course, a little entertainment does not hurt. On all these activities, the apps available for the iPad are top-notch, making Apple’s tablet PC the best in everything. From games, to reading and productivity tools, the apps for the iPad are more sophisticated and easier to use for students. It really comes as no surprise that students won’t sell iPad in exchange for an Android device. Of course, when the iPad Mini comes out, students may have something to think about.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Not Just One, But Two Kindle Fires?

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Amazon is finally introducing to the public its newest offering, the Kindle Fire 2. The company, possibly inspired by the success of the first Kindle Fire that sold millions in its first months, claims the new Kindle Fire will make people think of selling old iPad anew. Insider sources say that the Kindle Fire 2 will be announced and launched to the public on September 6. They also assert there will be not just one, but two models of the Kindle Fire 2 to be launched on the said date. But before everyone cries, “We’ve seen that with Microsoft earlier this year,” Amazon assures that it doesn’t compete with anyone but itself. After all, Microsoft hasn’t announced its entry into the 7-inch tablet PC market just yet. 

The new Kindle Fire 2 is said to be thinner and may use more metal in the construction of its body. It is also said that a camera will finally be included in the features of the new tablet PC, although this is still yet to be confirmed. Will this be indicative of Apple adding a camera on its planned iPad Mini? Whichever company will add a camera to their own tablet first will be in competition with Google’s Nexus 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, both of which have cameras.

Since Amazon has tied up with Nokia for its mapping service, then you can be sure that it will come preinstalled with a GPS chip for location service support. The biggest and most significant improvement in the Kindle Fire 2 from the original Kindle Fire is the improved display. The new models will sport a 1024 x 600 and 1280 x 800 pixel display, respectively. As for the display size, the details are not yet final, although according to rumors, there might be two scenarios for Amazon. One is that the company will release two 7-inch tablet PCs with differences in price and support systems. The second scenario is that they will release a 7-inch and 9-inch tablet PC to satisfy the demands of the market.

With the second scenario, a 9-inch tablet for Amazon may be the company’s half-hearted entry into the market where it is supposed to face the Goliaths of the industry. But then, given that there were a good number of people who bought the 7-inch Kindle Fire, there may be indeed be people who are interested in selling used iPads and switching to a bigger Kindle Fire.

The two scenarios will give Amazon a chance to get a share of the market. For the 2 7-inch tablet PCs, the differences will lie in the ads support system. The lower priced tablet is said to be ads supported which will peg its price around the $149 rate. The other tablet will be free of ads, which will make the price shoot up to around $249. This price difference is probably Amazon’s strategy to outclass the rumored iPad Mini rumored to be launched this month.

Most of these specs are still to be confirmed come September 6 when Amazon finally launches the new tablet PCs. For now, you can just hold on and decide later to sell old iPad or not.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Can Designers Really Work Using a Tablet PC?

Since the introduction of tablet PCs to the market, people are getting more and more convinced that this small device can help them out with a lot of things, even with their work. You see a lot of people willing to exchange cash for iPads for a variety of reasons. Some of them can be shallow and claim having a tablet PC will make them part of the “in crowd.” For others, they claim tablet PCs are a huge help with their profession. Even app developers have made apps that are productive in nature, with the aim of letting working people like designers be able to do their jobs wherever they are.

Recently, app developing firm, Quark released an app called the DesignPad, aimed to help designers in their work. This free app is supposed to help designers try and execute different layouts via multi-touch gestures, which is exactly the way the iPad works. There are pre-defined layouts already installed with the app. However, the beauty of this app is that these defined layouts can be customized. Layouts include designs for ads, posters, newsletters and brochures. Graphic and font artists are the main audience of this app.

So, is this app worth exchanging cash for iPad? The DesignPad is a valuable teaching aid because its users get hands-on experience from the conceptualization of a design to choosing the right photos and doing the layouts. For beginners, the pre-defined layouts make it easier for them to work, but for those who are already experienced designers, the fully customizable option of the layouts gives them the artistic freedom they need to have. The app has slider controls that can adjust columns, rows, and picture sizes in the layouts. The designer can also customize fonts, colors and positions in the layouts. The great thing about the app is that you can also edit the design made in the app with the PC version of it.

Having a tablet PC can be useful for designers because they can easily record their ideas when inspiration strikes. A tablet PC is like having a digital pen and paper that can record whatever ideas they have for initial design, which can later develop into full blown concepts. Other companies like Adobe have made app versions of their successful programs. Adobe Photoshop, a program that has become synonymous to retouched pictures, now has an app equivalent, the Adobe Photoshop Touch ($9.99). The company has also released a digital sketch board for artists, Adobe Ideas. Other design apps that have become popular include the following:

· TouchDraw ($8.99), a vector drawing app

· Palettes Pro ($5.99), a color scheme creating app 

· Fontbook ($5.99), a must for typography enthusiasts 

· LiveView (free), an app that simulates the dimensions of a laptop or PC screen so designs would fit perfectly, and not look restricted to mobile devices 

Inspiration can strike anywhere, so having a tablet PC that would operate easily is indeed helpful. Creative types can make their design on the tablet PC then save their work for future use. This will convince designers that it is time to sell your old iPads.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Checking Out the Archos 101 XS

Do you want to sell your iPad for a new tablet PC? You might want to add the Archos 101 XS to your list of possible alternatives for your iPad. French tablet PC manufacturer, Archos knows that in order to outshine the iPad, it has to offer something extra to its buyers. This extra feature will be the key in swaying buyers to purchase other products instead of the more popular and seemingly unsurpassable iPad.

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So, what does Archos add to the 101 XS to attract iPad loyalists to their fold? The magnetic keyboard that doubles as a cover to protect the screen and a docking port are what Archos thinks to be extra little features on its tablet PCs that can attract more users. You would think this extra cover would add to the thickness of the tablet PC, since most docking ports have to be thicker to accommodate the extra peripherals. However, even with this cover/docking port, the Archos 101 XS is still relatively slim at 0.51 inches. You do not have to worry about hinges because the cover connects to the body through magnets at the side, just like the mechanism used in the smart cover of the iPad 2. The cover makes this tablet PC more durable, so you wouldn’t hesitate to bring it along with you anywhere you go. You also don’t have to worry about the screen getting scratched when placed inside your bag because of this cover / docking port.

This tablet PC is the same size as the iPad, which is 10.1 inches. This is more of a departure for Archos, a company more known for producing smaller tablet PCs. The Archos 101 XS’s screen has a 1280 x 800 pixel display resolution. The build is quite durable with its bind fiber casing and metal frame. This unit comes with 16 GB of internal storage, so heavy data storage users will surely use the microSD card that comes along with it. On the inside, it has a 1.5GHz multi-core Arm A9 chipset. For those looking for alternative tablet PC after selling iPad, the features of the Archos 101 XS make it a great contender.

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The nice thing about this tablet PC is that it comes preinstalled with OfficeSuite Pro 6, which will save you several dollars from the Google Play store. With the OfficeSuite app and the keyboard docking port, this tablet is shaping up to be one great productivity tool for users who want to use their tablet PCs for word processing, making presentations, and doing spreadsheets. Writers, accountants, and managers will find this tablet PC a great alternative to netbooks and laptops.

All in all, this tablet PC is a great alternative to the iPad if you are quite low on the budget. If you can afford it, you do not have to sell your iPad to get another tablet PC like this. But then, you will still need to wait for a few more months for this Archos tablet PC as it won’t be available in the US until November.