Monday, 29 October 2012

Tablets Apple Unveiled on October 24

Apple Inc. unveiled at a media event in California Theatre in downtown San Jose, California, what the company thinks are the key products for the 2012 Holiday Season. However, there is one surprise from the launch: They tossed the iPad 3 into oblivion with the fourth generation of the Apple tablet computer. The iPad that buyers got on March 22, 2012 is now obsolete. You better sell your old iPad now if you want to have the new one. But then again, this is always how Apple operates; surprises are no surprises.

The iPad 4

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The biggest surprise in the event was the release of the iPad 4, a rehashed version of the “new” iPad (iPad 3), which was released on March 22, 2012. This really surprised a lot of people.

This new “new iPad” is officially called “the iPad with Retina Display” or the 4th Gen iPad. There are only few changes, but you might consider them important. The iPad 4 runs on the in-house A6X processor, which is twice the CPU and twice the GPU performance when you compare it to the A5X. Apple would cover the performance offered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro and the upcoming NVIDIA Tegra 4 processors. Another change is the 9-pin Lightning connector, which replaced the 30-pin one.

Another change is the front camera, now supporting HD Ready resolution (1280x720). However, the back camera still supports the 1080p video recording and automatic video stabilization. Taking pictures is still limited to five million pixels though.

The price is similar to the iPad 3 and starts at $499 for a 16GB Wi-Fi model, continuing up to $829 for a 64GB version with 4G and Wi-Fi.

The iPad Mini

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This smaller iPad is as thin as a pencil (7.2 mm) and has a weight of a pad of paper (0.68 pounds, 308 grams, 0.31 kg).

Its screen is 7.9 inches diagonally. It offers the same resolution as the iPad 2 (1024 x 768), but with better pixel density. Sadly, Apple used the original A5, and not even the A5X. This means the iPad Mini has the same processor as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

Just like the big iPad, iPad Mini comes with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacity, with Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G/4G LTE capabilities. The Wi-Fi only models range in price for $329 to $529, while Wi-Fi+3G/4G models will set you back anywhere between $459 and $659.


Whether you love Apple or not, it is obvious that Apple is in fifth gear when they launch products. They make their old products obsolete within a year and offer features that you would not see anywhere else. They even kept the unpopular display ratio 4:3 on their tablet computers. This might be to say that it is big enough and it will offer the best possible performance.

Apple is indeed the best PC Company on the market, and their competitors know that. Now, we have to wait for the Windows 8 designs and see how impressive they are to capture an audience.

What about you? Will you sell iPad for the iPad 4 or iPad Mini? Or will you choose a Windows 8 tablet?

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Apple Unveils iPad Mini

Apple released a smaller version of its famed iPad tablet computer, the iPad Mini, which is 7.9 inches, at a media event in San Jose, California on Tuesday, October 23. They also launched a fourth generation 9.7-inch iPad and updated Mac computers: 13-inch MacBook Pro, now with Retina Display, and a revised Mac Mini, the latest generation of iMac. With all of these launches, you might force yourself to sell used iPad!

This small iPad has been anticipated by many, even though the late Apple CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs, dismissed smaller tablet computers during a conference for investors in October 2010.

"'[W]e don't think you can make a great tablet with a seven-inch screen," he said. "We think it's too small to express the software that people want to put on these things."

Apparently, Jobs estimated wrongly regarding seven-inch tablets. Amazon shipped millions of Kindle Fire tablets while Google shipped at least a million Nexus 7 models. Of course, Apple cannot afford to not go with the flow of the successes of their competitors.

"We sold more iPads in the June quarter than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire PC lineup," said CEO Tim Cook. He added that the iPad is hugely popular in the educational sector and is now penetrating the business market.

Product Details

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Processors: The latest generation of the 9.7-inch iPad now runs on A6X processor, which is a variant of the A6 chip processor in the iPhone 5. Meanwhile, the iPad Mini has the Apple A5 processor, dual ARM cores and a quad-core GPU. It also has 16 GB of internal flash memory which can be upgraded to 64 GB.

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Displays: With its smaller size, the iPad Mini has a 7.9-inch display. However, it does not feature the Retina Display technology like the iPad 3 and 4, although it has the same number of pixels as the iPad 2. 

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Connectivity: The smaller iPad has dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless networking and can speed up to 150 Mbps. There are models with cellular connectivity with a support for LTE and DC-HSDPA. Both the small iPad and the iPad 4 have the Apple Lightning connector which can be connected to cameras, SD cards and HDMI or VGAA digital video sources.

Camera: The iPad Mini has a front FaceTime HD camera and a back 5-megapixel iSight camera.

Design: If you love the physical design of the iPad, then you would love the iPad Mini. It is made of aluminum and glass. It is also 7.2 mm thick and 0.68 pounds. That makes Google Nexus 7 thicker and heavier with its 10.45 mm thickness and 0.75 pound weight.

Price: The iPad Mini starts at $329. For a 64 GB cellular model, it costs $659. The iPad 4 starts at $499. For comparison, the upgraded iPod Touch starts at $299. The MacBook Pro with Retina Display costs $1,699, with a 2.5-Ghz Intel dual core i5 processor, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 8GB of 1600 MHz memory and 768 GB of flash storage.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Cool E-Mail Apps for Kids

Nowadays, kids know how to use the computer and how to surf the Web. Most kids even use an e-mail account. However, parents should protect their kids from Internet stuff that is not suitable for kids. Besides, parents do not have any idea about who their kids are corresponding with. One solution is to prevent kids from having an e-mail, or just create a Google Mail account to keep an eye on what is happening. Another is to sell iPad, but that is too much.

There is another solution, however. There are specialized e-mail apps developed for kids. These apps are even more interesting for kids to use, while parents can still keep an eye on them. Here are e-mail apps for children!


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This app has a beautiful web interface that your kid will sure enjoy using. It is very easy to install too. As a parent, you have to create an account. You can use Facebook or your actual e-mail address. You can then create an account for your kid, with his name and photo. All of these can be done on the iPad. You can now add contacts to your kid’s account. Those contacts are the only ones that can e-mail your child. More than that, they have to create a Maily account too.

The interface is very creative because it is more than just plain text. It includes colored pencils and paint brushes. There are also multiple stamps and it allows you to take photos to include them in the e-mail. It is very easy to use, even for a four year old. When your kid sends an e-mail, the parent will receive an alert. The contacted person will also receive an e-mail notification where they can reply through Maily’s web interface.

Kids Email

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If your kid is older or you just want a better app for more controls, you can use Kids Email. This app is available for a free trial for thirty days. If you love it, you can pay an amount of $3 a month. If you want more control over your kid’s e-mail, then this app is well worth your money.

First, create an account on You can then add your kid’s account. There are options for that. You can choose between the regular interface (suitable for younger children), and a mature interface (for older ones). You will then configure the list of security settings, providing you the amount of control you want and need over your kid’s account. As an example, you can just let your kid send and receive e-mails only to and from the approved contacts. You will then get copies of the received and sent e-mail messages.

Other Options

You can also use these apps if you are not satisfied with the previous two:

Kid Safe Mail: This app gives you an extensive parental control. It offers multiple e-mail domains and a more elaboration option. Sadly, there is no free or trial version.

ZooBuh!: Similar to Kids Email, this allows you to restrict times in which your kid can use their e-mail accounts. This app costs $12 per year PER child. There is also no free or trial version.

So what are you waiting for? Sell old iPad now so you can use these apps and protect your kids from unwanted e-mails!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tips an iPad User Should Know, Part 2

Hi there! Want more tips on using your iPad? Here are my other tips for you to know. Who knows, they might keep you from selling iPad!

Finding Apps Fast

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What if you have about a hundred apps on your iPad? It would be a waste of time flipping through many screens filled with different apps. Use the Spotlight Search of your iPad. This can be accessed by clicking the home button while on the first page of the home screen. You can also use the Spotlight Search to look for contacts and your e-mail messages.

Locking the Screen Orientation

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One of the basic features of the iPad is the continuous changing of the screen orientation. It is very helpful because you can view things in any way you want to. But then again, this feature is sometimes irritating especially if it the orientation changes just because you tilted the screen slightly to the right, changing it either to landscape or portrait mode.

You can lock the screen orientation in two ways. One way is that you flip the switch next to the volume controls on the side of your iPad. However, make sure that that button is really for locking orientation, because it might be for muting sounds depending on the set up of the iPad settings. Another way of locking the orientation is by pressing the home button twice to show the list of recently used apps. Slide your finger from left to right to show the music controls. The icon for locking the orientation is to the left of the music controls.

Turning On Multitasking Gestures

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For those who do not know, you can now multi-task on your iPad. You can now switch open apps by sliding four fingers on the display to the left or right. You can also bring up the home screen by pinching four fingers or the multi-task bar by pinching out. To do all these, turn on the multitasking gestures first by navigating to Settings. Under General, scroll down until you see Multitasking Gesture and toggle it on.

Deleting Old Games

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The great thing about the iPad is that even if you delete an app, you can still download it a dozen times more in the future. Even if you already paid for it, you can still download it without paying again as long as you are using the same iTunes account.

It is better to delete apps that you no longer use to create more space in the memory storage of your tablet. Besides, like I said before, you can still download them again, right? In the App Store, there is a whole section for previously purchased apps. That would make it easier to find apps you deleted. If ever you want to use a deleted app again, just go to that section. With this tip, you may not even need a 32GB or 64GB iPad after all.

However, think twice before you delete an app because all data associated with that app will be lost. Even if you download the deleted app again, the app is not like before; it is all-new. So if an app contains important files, better not delete it.


There you go! We are done with the tips. Just follow those tips and you are definetely going to make your iPad experience easier and more fun!

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Tips an iPad User Should Know, Part 1

The iPad is a great tablet computer for many. It is really amazing what an iPad can do. But some people do not know about some tips that will be very useful to them. What if those tips will prevent you from selling broken iPad because your iPad won’t wear donw in the first place? If you are a dedicated Apple fan, then you should know these great tips!

Changing Music On-Screen

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Changing the music volume is no hassle on the iPad because of the trusty buttons on the side of our iPad. But, how can we skip a song when we are listening to our playlist? One way is to go to your music app, right? There is another way. This one is a little bit hidden but it is easy to find it if you know where to look. Just click the home button twice and when the list of recently opened apps appears, slide your finger across the apps from left to right to reveal music controls. You can now use it to pause, skip and play songs with it.

Skipping the Apostrophe When Typing

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There are times when we do not like the auto-correct because it replaces your words with ones that you really do not want to use. However, did you know that you can actually use it for skipping apostrophes? Use the auto-correct to change words that need an apostrophe, so that you do not have to look for the apostrophe on the on-screen keyboard when you type contractions like can’t and won’t.

Creating Folders for Your Apps

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You can easily organize your iPad by separating apps into different categories. You do not even need to think of names for the folders because the iPad creates default folder names. To create a folder, tap on the icon of an app and hold down until all apps are shaking. Then drag the app on top of another one and your tablet will automatically create a folder for those apps. To add more apps to the folder, just drag and drop the apps on the folder. You can create more folders so that you can categorize them.

Rebooting Your iPad

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You can solve many problems on your iPad just by rebooting. If your iPad is slow, then just reboot it and it will run as fast as before. If you have problems with your app, one way to solve it is rebooting your iPad.

But then again, many people confuse putting the iPad into suspend mode with rebooting it. To reboot it, follow the following steps.

1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button.

2. The iPad will prompt you to shut down your iPad. Follow the directions.

3. After the screen goes blank, hold down the Sleep/Wake button again to boot it back up.

4. Once you see the Apple logo, release the button.

After these steps, the home screen will appear and your tablet will be as good as new.

Lowering the Brightness to Save Power

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There are many factors that drain your battery’s power, other than using the apps. One way to save battery life is by turning down the brightness of the display. Do so by navigating to “Settings” then tap “Brightness & Wallpaper” in the left menu. You will see there a slider to control the display’s brightness. It is up to you how high or low the brightness will be.


There you go! Those are some of the tips an iPad user should know. Wait for more tips! In the meantime, why not sell your old iPad at to earn money enough to buy a new one?

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Friday, 19 October 2012

Will the iPad Mini Rain on Google’s Parade?

The iPad Mini is the most anticipated tablet PC these days. A lot of rumors and speculations have made the rounds all over the Internet regarding its specs and its launch date. So far, Apple has been mum on the subject and all we have are leaked photos of “supposed” units, but you cannot really say if it truly is the real thing. The biggest rumor, so far, was that invitation would be sent to members of the press the day of the event that would launch the product. However, October 10 came and went, and no invitations have been sent. 

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A lot of people said that Apple would not be producing a smaller version of its famous tablet PC, the iPad. However, things have apparently changed, because if we are to believe those leaked pictures, they are now on the verge of introducing the iPad Mini. As expected, everybody is excited, especially vendors that sell Kindle Fire and smaller tablets because it would provide more competition in the market. This competition between the 7-inch tablets could result in the prices of tablet PCs being driven down further and becoming more affordable for the public. 

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Now that the Google Nexus 7 has been released and the Kindle Fire is on its second generation already, the iPad Mini should have really attractive specs in order to sway those who are planning to catch up with the current leaders of the 7-inch tablet market. One great feature that should work in the iPad Mini’s favor is the Retina screen. If this is present on the device, people will definitely think twice about choosing from among the current crop and wait for it. Of course, if the Cupertino company could keep the price of the device under $250 even for 16GB, then it would be really competitive. Those who sell Kindle Touch will confirm this.

Of course, it helps that the iPad Mini has the Apple brand connected to it. You know fanboys and fangirls of Tim Cook’s company will be first in line to pre-order this product when the time comes. However, for the skeptics who are already sold on purchasing Android-based tablets, the iPad Mini has to prove itself first. Aside from the aesthetics and form factor, the processor, operating system and available storage would play a significant role in the decision making process of the buyer.

Now, the latest rumors are saying that the iPad Mini will only be available with Wi-Fi connectivity. This may be something critics will qualify as a huge fail, although it could just be classified as nitpicking. After all, a majority of tablet PC owners do not really find the 3G/4G connectivity option that useful.

Those who sell Kindle DX 3G are just wishing that the iPad Mini be made available soon. As for the latest items that claim that the product may be delayed again for a month, we can only speculate that this would be advantageous for Apple, so that they can meet what is shaping up to be a huge demand for the device.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Google Nexus 7: A Review

The most famous tablet computer today is the iPad. A na├»ve person looking forward to buying a tablet computer might opt to get an iPad. However, there are a lot of iPad alternatives out there that deliver the same performance as the Apple tablet. Some might even attract you to sell iPad just to have them. One of these is Google’s Nexus 7.

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The best thing about the Nexus 7 is its quad-core Tegra 3 processor. It gives the tablet fast performance and a beautiful touch-responsive screen. It is also very comfortable to carry and because of the Android 4.1, it has promising additions. Besides, it’s a lot cheaper than the iPad for $200.

What most people do not like about the Nexus 7 is its lack of expandable storage and HDMI port. Its design is also plain. Other than that, the bezels are too thick for many. However, because of the screen, its performance, convenience and overall options, the Nexus 7 is the king of 7-inch tablet computers today.

Just like most tablet computers, the Nexus 7 is also black. However, it has a unique texture. It has a rubbery or leather gripping back texture. It might not be that much, but it makes the tablet very comfortable to hold.
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The Nexus 7 is also relatively lighter than the Kindle Fire. It also looks thinner because of its beveled bottom and silver trim. However, it is only sleeker than the Kindle Fire by 0.04 inch.

Sadly, the Nexus 7 has no memory expansion. It also does not support HDMI and has no rear camera. Maybe, this is to make it cheaper.

The Nexus 7 is also the first device to run on the Jelly Bean operating system of Android 4.1. It makes the Nexus 7 more controlled and focused. It also makes itself less intimidating and even easier to use for new users.

With the new operating system, you can still customize options. The thing is, once you tilt your tablet, it will not change orientation. It is different if an app is running; orientation changes when you are using an app. But once you press the home button, the display will be in portrait mode.

There is a dock on the bottom of the screen which is filled with Play, Music, Books and Magazines—service apps from Google. There is also a folder for its default browser, Chrome, and Google Maps, Plus, Mail and many more services. In the middle of the dock is the apps icon. If you swipe from the home button across the apps button, you will navigate to Google Now, Google’s personalized helper.

Google Now shows information like the weather, schedules and even places near you. This can be very useful on the Google tablet if you have Wi-Fi connection. However, it is useless once you are outside the Wi-Fi zone. So, if you ever got lost in the forest, your Google tablet is damn useless.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Battle of the Tablets: The New iPad Versus the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

Do you want to sell used iPad and you are stuck deciding whether to buy the new one or Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700? Both tablet starts at $499. So how do you pick between the two, especially since both features high resolution IPS displays and elegant designs. The Apple tablet runs on iOS 5 while the Asus tablet runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Of course, I am not going to compare the two operating systems, but then again, if you want a product that just works, you should go with the iOS. Going back to the comparison of the two tablets, it has always been a trend for people to compare the iPad to other tablet computers. However, the major difference between the TF700 and the iPad is that the former is more of a computer replacement for content consumption and creation, while the other is for quick and easy consumption of movies, music, web browser and e-mail. What are the other differences? Apparently, the TF700 is quick but it sometimes goes slow and needs a reboot, unlike the iPad which, as what many users say, never crashes. This is what usually happens to tablet computers whose hardware manufacturer is different from the OS developer. So, it is often expected that the iPad is better since both OS and hardware are manufactured by Apple.

There are also similarities between the two tablets. One is that they can give you access to cloud storage services. The Asus tablet has a micro HDMI port that mirrors the tablet’s screen. Apple, on the other hand, sells a $39 HDMI adapter. Both tablets also support HDMI 1.4 and HDCP. Apple, meanwhile, has Airplay for wireless streaming via the Apple TV for $99. Asus offers dLNA for free but it uses a file manager interface that might not be easy for new users.

Round 1: Display

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What many tablet users love about the new iPad is its 2048 x 1536 IPS Retina Display technology. It offers great high definition display to its users. On the other hand, the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 offers 1920 x 1200 Super IPS+ display. If you ask me, it is a tie, even though the difference between the numbers is obvious. The thing is, both have very wide viewing angles, good color saturation and accuracy and display sharp text. Hand in hand, both can defeat any other tablet in the market.

The Asus tablet wins this round however for the extreme brightness which is very useful outdoors. Super IPS+ mode offers more than 600 nits of brightness so that you can still see the display even under the bright sun.

Round 2: Apps

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It is obvious that the new iPad wins this round because the iTunes App Store has more apps than the Google Play Store for Androids. Apps for Android tablet computers are still lagging far behind, although apps for Android smartphones are catching up. The thing is, the gaming market for Android tablets has improved and despite the fewer number of apps, the selection is composed of topnotch games. However, the best game apps are on the Apple tablet. If you want to have more fun playing with the tablet, I would go with the new iPad.

Round 3: Battery Life

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Both tablets manage to last for about 9 hours of use, so this is a tie. Both also have batteries that are irreplaceable. However, you can extend the Asus tablet’s battery life to 14 hours with the $149 keyboard dock which consists of a battery that charges the tablet.

This round is a tie for both tablets, but the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 wins this round when it is paired with the keyboard dock.


With two rounds won by the Asus tablet, I say you should go for the Infinity tab. So you better sell your old iPad at and this Asus tablet will be within your reach!

Sing Along Apps for Your Tablet PC

People have learned to love going to karaoke bars, thanks to the Asian invasion. The popularity of karaoke has extended even to the tablet PCs, as there are now several apps that you can download so you can enjoy an instant karaoke party even just by yourself. Now, you can transform your tablet PC into a karaoke machine to unleash the inner singing diva in you.

Here are some of the apps that you can download and install on your tablet PC. You can ask those who sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB WiFi to help you configure your tablet PC and make it into a mini and portable karaoke machine.

Karaoke Anywhere HD (Free) 

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This app has a streaming library of over 13,000 songs. You get 50 free songs when you download the app to your iPad. After the 50 free songs, you can then have more songs for a minimal fee. You can even record your performance and share it with your Twitter and Facebook friends. It also has a TV out option if you feel that the screen of the iPad is not big enough.

Android Karaoke Sing Along (Free) 

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It has over a thousand popular karaoke videos and the simple user interface makes searching for songs easy. The lyrics show up in bright colors just like what you get when you go to a karaoke bar. All that’s left is for you to pick the songs you want to sing, and you can enjoy to your heart’s content!

Red Karaoke (Free) 

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Those who sell Galaxy Tab 4G 10.1 32GB will swear that this is one of the best apps for karaoke. You get 20 complimentary songs upon download and you just need to sign up for a membership with a minimal fee to get access to the rest of the songs. You can also record and share your performance with your friends. Of course, a lot of users would complaint that the number of free songs is rather pathetic, but the quality of the accompaniment and the accuracy of the lyrics are worth the fee.

Karaoke A-Go-Go 

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This is a paid app that will let you make a karaoke play list out of the songs on your SD card. The simple interface makes it easy to use. Of course, what makes it a great app is its ability to let you sing the songs you love to listen to.

Glee Karaoke (Free) 

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This app has been on top of the charts since it was launched. The great thing about this app is that it can correct the pitch and optimize harmonies, which will make you sound like a true recording star. You don’t even have to be a fan of the TV show this app was named after to appreciate all its features. The interface is sleek and sophisticated, and you’d feel like you’re one of those singers from McKinley High. Those technicians from stores that sell Streak 7 will gladly recommend this app, even for non-Gleeks.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Three Most Addictive Games for iPad

The market for mobile gaming used to be dominated by Nintendo and Sony, with their Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable gadgets. That was before Apple released their first generation of iPhones. In the 90s, the Nintendo Game Boy reigned over the market, with the equally powerful Game Boy Advance as its successor. However, things changed when smartphones came on the scene. They introduced a new wave of mobile gaming. Unlike the games produced by Nintendo, games for mobile phones are not long and complex. They are usually short enough for people who are busy and who need a short bit of entertainment. With that in mind, iPhone game developers started designing games that were fun even in short sessions; they focused on simple yet addictive games to ensure that the games were not only cheap but also highly entertaining and engaging. After the first iPad was released in 2010, games were made available for a larger screen display. Even now with the new iPad, people are selling their old iPads to get the new one.

Here are the three most addictive games for the iPad that you will surely enjoy!

Plants Versus Zombies

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PopCap is a popular gaming software developer. Very different from their usual puzzle games, PopCap created Plants Versus Zombies in 2009 and eventually developed multiple platforms. In this game, the gamer must defend their backyards with a range of unusual plants, like the Peashooters which are used as the primary offense, Wall-nuts (the primary defense), and even Melon-pults, a very powerful catapult. The zombies are many and come in various types.

It has been proven that tower defense games are very addictive, and Plants Versus Zombies is not an exemption. Although its price ($7) is a bit higher than the usual price for tower defense games, I can assure you that you will find this one very engaging. Moreover, if it is your first time to play a tower defense game, well, you can start with this one.

Fruit Ninja

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The title itself of this app tells everything you need to know. So, you have a fruit, and you are the ninja who is supposed to cut it. The gameplay is very simple: You slide your fingers back and forth across the screen to slice the fruits. For each sliced fruit, you earn points. However, if you hit more fruits in one slice, you will earn a lot more points, but you are only allowed to miss three before the game ends.

This game is very addictive because it follows a formula: You play in a very short session but you must earn big points. The main objective is to beat the highest score. You can play a Lite version of this app but you will enjoy it more if you buy Fruit Ninja HD for $2.99.

Words With Friends

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If you love the classic game called Scramble, then you will enjoy this game in your iPad. It is very addictive because here, you can compete with your friends by proving how inferior they are to you. Words With Friends is almost like Scramble but it is very competitive. The gameplay is asynchronous, so you can have a match even if there’s another one happening.

In this game, gamers take turns in placing letters on a board with bonus tiles. They can play for a very long period between plays if they want to. So a match might not end in just a single day, it can go for several days! This app sells for $2.99.

There you go; three addictive games for your iPad. You can enjoy these games more with the new iPad’s Retina Display technology that enhances the gaming experience with its high-resolution graphics. So sell your iPad at and get the new one!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The iPad: Inside and Out

The idea of a tablet computer has been around for years. Back in 1964, The Rand Corporation produced the Grafacon, also known as the Rand Tablet. This $18,000 computing device had two main components: a screen and a drawing surface. The user would hold an electronic stylus and draw on the surface. The results showed up on the screen. But that did not stop other companies from producing their own version of the tablet. And the most successful among them was Apple. They were able to produce three generations of the iPad. Now, customers love them so much that many opt to sell their old iPads and buy the latest version. But how much do they know about the iPad?

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Contrary to what many people think, the iPad is not just a bigger iPod Touch. It is a multimedia device that has features which you can find in the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Its design is a mash-up of the iPhone and the MacBook. If you may have noticed, the display of the iPad looks like the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the MacBook Pro. The screen itself has the same touch technology as the iPod Touch and iPhone.

In the inside, you will see that the iPad uses IPS or in-plane switching technology. Because of this, the iPad is superior to standard computers with the TFT screens found in laptops and flat monitors. The IPS display has clearer display quality and color production. This, however, only exists in the first two generations of the iPads. If you want a better display quality, sell your old iPad and get the third generation.

What Do Experts Think About the iPad

Everyone was excited when the first iPad was unveiled on January 27, 2010. It was a commercial success for the Apple Company. Still, it received many criticisms, both negative and positive, from customers and pundits alike. Some even thought that the iPad was just rip-off of the iPhone, which they considered more efficient. Besides, apps were not enough to consider them equivalent to software programs on a personal computer; therefore, these Apple tablets were still inferior to laptops and desktop computers. It would not be enough to just rely on an iPad. There would still be a time when you would still use your laptop or a personal computer for work, study, or even games. Moreover, pundits noted that the worst part of having the iPad is that you can never replace its battery.

The only noticeable thing that distinguished the iPad from smartphones and laptops is the unavailability of the Adobe flash player. The iPad does not support Flash, which means you will be missing a lot of things in the Internet. But then again, will the absence of the Flash player affect your iPad experience?

Many also compare the iPad to Amazon’s Kindle Reader. The battle for supremacy and market share is ongoing. Some say that the Kindle is still the better e-reader because it gives you the closest experience to conventional reading. But then again, the iPad is more than just an e-reader. It can do more than what a Kindle Reader can do. The iPad is the better tablet because it is a full-feature digital media device.

The iPad’s Success

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Apple’s iPad has created a wave of tablet PCs on the market. There are tablets that run on Android, and others on older builds of Android. Then there is also the BlackBerry Playbook running on the QNX operating system, while HP has the TouchPad that runs on Palm’s web OS. Soon, there will be more competitors for Apple’s iPad in the coming years. Experience the iPad now by selling your tablet and buying a new one. If you have an old one, then sell your broken iPad to now and get the best price quote you can have.

Friday, 5 October 2012

The Best Apps for Viewing Videos on Your Tablet PC

A lot of people now want to sell old tablet PC and shift to an Android-based device. One of the reasons for this is because devices running on Google’s Android platform are more affordable than the iPad. Some even claim that Android devices are a lot easier to use, especially when transferring various files.

Another reason is that tablet PC users who like watching videos find it more convenient to read e-books and watch videos using a smaller device. Currently, there are still no 7-inch iOS devices, and the iPod’s screen is too small for viewers to really appreciate videos. There are quite a number of 7-inch Android-based tablet PCs, including the Google Nexus 7, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.0. They are small enough to be handy but the screen is large enough for a great video viewing experience.

So, for Android users, here are some apps that you can use to watch videos on your device:

MoboPlayer (Free) 

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Many people prefer this app over others that also offer video playing because it can play all video formats without any hitches. This means there is no need to transcode or convert the videos for it to play on the app. This player supports both internal and external sub-titles.

mVideo Player (Free) 

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Many say that this is the best video player replacement app in place of Android’s stock video player. The only downside of this app is that it can only play videos and audio that your specific phone model supports, which can be pretty limited for some phones. However, since they are quite upfront with it, you know what videos to download and view from your mobile device.

UStream (Free) 

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If you like to view streaming videos or watch real time shows, then this is the app that you must have on your Android device. A lot of tablet PC owners rely on this app to watch special events like the Oscars or some final sporting match when they are in transit. Aside from watching videos, you can also broadcast live from this app. UStream is so versatile that people won’t mind spending cash for tablet PC apps if they are this useful.

RealPlayer Beta (Free) 

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This app is most known for its music playing and organizing ability. However, this app is actually an all in one multimedia app that also lets you play videos. It also lets you download and save several files at the same time.

Meridian Media Player Autonomy (Free) 

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This is the app for those who want to customize their video players. It even has a cleaning kit that can help you get rid of those multiple files on your player and give you space for more files. This is a perfect app for tablet PC users who want to have a personalized video player and also a very organized video library.

You can install these apps on your new Android device after you sell old iPad and see what best suits your taste.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Kindle Fire HD 8.9: Can Amazon Stand Against Apple?

We all know that the new iPad is the reigning king of all tablets now in the market. However, you might start selling your iPad now because its brother is coming this month: The iPad Mini. Now that there are two contenders from Apple—not to mention, the newly released iPhone 5—can Amazon still defeat the King of All Gadgets? This November, Amazon has scheduled the release of the Kindle Fire HD 8.8 this November. Since the iPad 3 is getting older each day, will Amazon defeat Apple this time with its new tablet, despite the latter releasing its iPad Mini this month?

Operating System
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The operating system of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is an adapted version of the Android 4.0, which is the Ice Cream Sandwich. This might be bad news for Amazon because the latest operating system of Android is 4.1, which is Jelly Bean. Moreover, the new iPad currently has iOS 5.1.1 operating system and can become iOS 6 if updated. This will be a good shot for Apple.

Processor and RAM
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The new Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon runs with OMAP4 4470, a dual-core processor which is manufactured by Texas Instruments. This processor is clocked at 1.5 GHz. On the Apple side, the iPad 3 runs in A5x processor (also dual-core), which is clocked at 1 GHz.

It is rumored that the RAM capacity of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is about 1.5 GB. The new iPad however has a 1024MB of DDR2 RAM. The new model of Kindle Fire HD then can go up to 64GB. But then again, the new iPad has the same capabilities.

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As the name suggests, the new Kindle Fire HD model has an 8.9-inch display which has 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution and 254 pixels per inch. Unfortunately, the screen has noticeable glare because it has no air gap between the glass and the display.

The display feature, of course, is better with the new iPad, which comes with a Retina Display screen, giving its users a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels in its 9.7-inch screen. It also has 264 pixels per inch, which is obviously more than the new Kindle Fire HD model’s.

Size and Weight
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The dimensions of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 are 9.45 inches by 6.5 inches by 0.35 inches. Its weight is about 20 ounces. Compared to it, the new iPad is about 9.5 inches by 7.31 inches by 0.4 inches. The iPad 3’s weight is 23 ounces.

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The new Kindle Fire HD has only one camera compared to iPad’s two cameras. The camera of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is good for video chatting with VoIP software like Skype, since it is facing the front.

Unlike the Kindle, the new Apple tablet has front 0.3 megapixel and 5 megapixel back cameras that can capture Full high definition 1080p videos at 30 FPS.

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The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 has dual-band Wi-Fi and supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals. You can also choose the 4G service AT&T’s 4G LTE network. This feature goes to the new Amazon tablet because the new iPad has two models for networks: a Wi-Fi only or a 3G/4G model.

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Of course, the iPad, as expected, is more expensive than any of its competitors. The 16GB model of the Kindle Fire HD 7 costs $199 while the 32GB has a price tag of $369. The 4G sets cost $499 for 32GB and $599 for 64GB. This is a lot cheaper than the Apple tablets: The new iPad 4G cost $629 for 16GB, $729 for 23GB, and $829 for 64GB.

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Obviously, the new Amazon tablet can still stand against the new iPad. However, although it can stand on its own in this battlefield of the tablets, the iPad still reigns over them.

So, are you willing to sell your old iPad for the new Kindle Fire HD? Comment below.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Is It Time for Amazon to Follow Apple?

There are a lot of places that sell iPad WiFi/3G 16GB and other mobile gadgets like tablet PCs and mobile phones. You can go and visit the nearest shop in your neighborhood or you can just go online to buy one. The great thing about this is that the consumer is given the freedom to choose the way he shops even for grocery items. Those who are intimidated when setting foot in tech shops, or those who live far from the big cities that have swanky stores can get their gadgets from large retail stores that sell anything. Yes, Target, Kmart, and Wal-Mart sell tablet PCs, too! 

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The latest news that rocked both the tech and business worlds was the announcement of Wal-Mart discontinuing distribution of the Amazon Kindle in its stores and online site. There is no denying that Amazon is one place where you can buy almost everything from small appliances to tech gadgets and even toiletries. It is much like a grocery store in every sense only that it has no physical store, as it is an online retail shop. You can say that it is already directly competing with the online shop of both Wal-Mart and Target because of the same items that they offer. But then, you can say the same thing about Wal-Mart and Target. These stores sell anything you can think of, which sort of makes them Amazon, only with actual stores. 

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Now that Amazon has offered the Kindle at a rock bottom price, the giant retailers do not have enough room to make a profit for every Kindle that they sell in their stores. Amazon itself is already cannibalizing its own sales with this move. So, it does not make business sense for Wal-Mart and Target to continue selling the Kindle if this continues, as they only get very minimal profits or none at all. Those retailers who sell iPad WiFi/3G 32GB and other tablet PCs might just end up doing the same thing because what’s the use of selling the Kindle if they do not make any profit out of it.

With this, Amazon is left with a greatly reduced number of channels where customers can purchase their product. If this move happens again with the other retailers that still sell Kindle, then it leaves Amazon with a very limited market. It might just end up with the Kindle being available only through online purchase through their website unless Amazon puts up a store in every major city in the country.

Come to think of it, this has worked for Apple. Through the years, Steve Jobs’ company has operated its own stores and kept authorized retailers at a minimum. This has given the company an aura of exclusivity that sits well with its loyal customers, and at the same time also allowed them to maximize profits. If Amazon wises up, they could follow this brave business model and operate stores themselves, and maybe even expand their product line to accessories and whatnot, building a better and stronger brand for themselves.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

When iPad Meets Classroom

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Even though there are a thousand game apps available out there for the iPad, we all know that there are still educational benefits that students can get from it. It is not only a boredom buster, but it is also a homework buddy. The iPad opens more doors to education and presents more ways to learn from digital textbooks to edu-apps. You can enjoy even more these apps if you sell your iPad online and get the new one that has Retina Display. However, the iPad is not only students’ study-mate; it can also be a teachers’ pet. There are a lot of ways that teachers can use the iPad to educate, communicate and still stay organized.

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Since its first release in 2010, the iPad becomes more and more a part of everyone’s education, from pre-school to graduate school. Nowadays, even teachers can now monitor how students learn.

The iPad can be a time saver for many teachers. For example, a teacher can give a quiz after a lesson. The students take the quiz on the iPad and the teacher will receive feedback fast. This saves time. If the students seem okay, then they can immediately move on with the lesson. If not, the teacher can go back through the first lesson again. The iPad can help you a lot more ways than that.

Secondary and college lecturers can also use the iPad in class. There are apps like Nearpod and Lecture Tools that can put teachers and students on the same digital page. That way, no student will stray somewhere in the digital book because the teacher can monitor it.

Although technology continually changes and develops, education seems like it stays stagnant. Almost every teacher teaches the same way, using the chalkboard or the white board. So, if a teacher is smart enough to use the iPad, he will open more opportunities to engage the students in the lesson.

The iPad offers a new way to share knowledge with the students in an easier yet more engaging way. Moreover, it helps the teacher build a stronger connection with his students, thus everyone benefits from it.

A teacher can use the iPad as a digital board, with an app like Educreations Digital Whiteboard. He can also connect his iPad to any electronic device in the classroom using apps like BrainPop or Spelling City. With these likeable apps, surely, no one will fall asleep during classes.

College professors can use apps like GoodReader or DropBox to let students study lecture notes, guides and other required readings without the need of wasting paper with photocopies. With those apps, even those students who are absent with good reason can catch up with the lesson before the next one comes, so there are no alibis for being unprepared.

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The iPad is not just a tool that can help teachers in the classroom. It can also help during non-class hours. Teachers can use the iPad for class preparation and management. There are apps like Classroom Management Essentials and Classroom manage that can help teachers to track grades, assignments and even behavior. For higher education, professors can track grades with Numbers and use Evernote to compile material needed for the semester.

Because of the portability of the iPad, teachers can now work anywhere. Teachers can now check the students’ grades, prepare for lectures, and many other things, anywhere, anytime. This just proves that iPad really is a very flexible gadget because of its efficiency and features.

So if you are a teacher, I suggest you sell your broken iPad at and buy the latest iPad to help you get better in your class! Your students will surely love you!