Thursday, 30 August 2012

Can You Take Better Videos With the iPad?

Knowing how to use the iPad well will definitely justify spending cash for iPads. One of the things that you can improve is taking better videos with it. Yes, the iPad’s cameras can actually capture video. This is one of the more overlooked features of the iPad. The iPad camera is basically something people use for FaceTime, the video chatting capability of the tablet PC. Only a few people use the iPad cameras for taking pictures, and much less for taking videos. This is a shame because the iPad cameras have been drastically improved since the days of the first generation iPad. Furthermore, the quality of the videos captured by the iPad is comparable those captured with high definition video paraphernalia. Of course, it is more convenient to take videos with the iPad and edit them later using great video editing apps. There would be no need to transfer video files from one device to another, saving precious time. 

Don’t worry if you are a neophyte in the field of video taking. You can still capture great video using the iPad by taking advantage of the latest version’s HD camera. You won’t be entertaining thoughts of getting cash for iPad after getting wonderful video. Just be mindful of the following things:

· Focusing

Since the iPad’s camera does not have auto-focus, just note that there is a certain point when the images become blurry especially when taking close up shots. As a rule of thumb, keep a distance of at least 35 cm between the camera and the subject. This will let you avoid blurry shots because you are too close to what you are taking a video of.

· Motion distortion

The iPad’s video camera is prone to motion distortion. To avoid this, try to minimize movement during shots. When you have to pan, do it slowly.

· Stability

The iPad’s size gives it an advantage over shooting videos using a camera phone. You can hold it much steadier than a phone, making the video less shaky. To ensure stability, you can prop the iPad up on a surface such as a table or even a book, or you can hold it in front of you with both hands, with your elbows over your abdomen as a sort of tripod.

· Sound quality

Be mindful of where the microphone is placed at all times while shooting a video. There is a tendency for people’s hands to go over and cover the microphone, resulting in poor sound quality.

· Light sources

Always ensure that there is enough ambient lighting to ensure good video quality. If you have to shoot in a low light environment, try to bring in an additional light source. Also, do not move from one lighting situation to another in one motion. Give the iPad time to adjust to another light level which will take a couple of seconds.

Getting the most out of your iPad’s video camera will definitely justify spending so much cash for iPads.


  1. Hi Where can we purchase this ?

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  2. What kind of mount/cover is pictured and also what lens, microphone and editing software? Many thanks if you can spare the time to answer.

  3. I couldn't get this to work, but found out you have to open the camera app, then click last video shot in bottom left corner. Otherwise the gray border isn't shown if you view videos from the photos app. Must be an iOS 6 change.
    You can find here Click Here