Monday, 30 July 2012

Is the iPad Really Better Than Other Tablet PCs?

When people make out lists of top tablets, more often than not, the iPad comes up on top of the list ahead of other tablets. No one would dare say they would like to sell old iPad and switch to other brands. Even in spite of the fact that some tablets have similar features or some are actually better, and cheaper compared to an iPad. Satisfied users have said that the iPad is one great netbook, e-book reader, and entertainment device in one. On top of that, if you already have a MacBook and/or an iPhone, it is much easier to synchronize all your devices and have the convenience of accessing any of your data regardless of the device you are using.

At the moment, the latest iPad has the following specs that have made a lot of people’s heartbeats skip faster – a higher resolution Retina Display, an A5X CPU, and an improved camera with 5 MP and a maximum video capture resolution of 1080p . It also has the largest storage space compared to other tablets with a variant that comes with 64 GB of storage capacity. The latest iPad also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G network connectivity. This is the reason why other tablets are called “alternatives”, which means that the iPad is the first choice for a tablet for many people. Of course, with these fantastic features of the new iPad, a lot of people may be tempted to sell used iPad to get an upgrade.

Other tablets that have features that could compete with the iPad are yet to be launched, which means that the only other viable option is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, the Galaxy Tab has not yet been upgraded to compete with the latest version of the iPad. And since it comes at almost the same price as the iPad, it is a no brainer which tablet to choose.

Speaking of price, it is perhaps the only major issue that would make someone, especially a first time tablet user consider something other than the Apple gadget. If price is not an issue, people would get an iPad.

But then, size may also be another concern. A lot of people have been charmed by the 7-inch tablet PCs available in the market, including the Kindle Fire of Amazon and the 7-inch version of the Galaxy Tab. The thing about the 7-inch Galaxy Tab is that it is quite pricey for its size. As for the Kindle Fire, Amazon has already started drumming up the rumor mill that it will release a second generation of Kindle Fires before the year ends.

Would this be the reason Apple addicts have also been eagerly blabbering about an iPad mini to be released in the Fall? For those who want to stay with Apple but have a cuter iPad, then we can wait for a few months before knowing if your prayers have been answered. Once the iPad mini rumors are confirmed, a lot of people might rush to sell iPad and get their hands on something that may not have been possible had Steve Jobs lived (he was a vehement opponent of a smaller iPad).


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