Monday, 30 July 2012

Is the iPad Really Better Than Other Tablet PCs?

When people make out lists of top tablets, more often than not, the iPad comes up on top of the list ahead of other tablets. No one would dare say they would like to sell old iPad and switch to other brands. Even in spite of the fact that some tablets have similar features or some are actually better, and cheaper compared to an iPad. Satisfied users have said that the iPad is one great netbook, e-book reader, and entertainment device in one. On top of that, if you already have a MacBook and/or an iPhone, it is much easier to synchronize all your devices and have the convenience of accessing any of your data regardless of the device you are using.

At the moment, the latest iPad has the following specs that have made a lot of people’s heartbeats skip faster – a higher resolution Retina Display, an A5X CPU, and an improved camera with 5 MP and a maximum video capture resolution of 1080p . It also has the largest storage space compared to other tablets with a variant that comes with 64 GB of storage capacity. The latest iPad also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G network connectivity. This is the reason why other tablets are called “alternatives”, which means that the iPad is the first choice for a tablet for many people. Of course, with these fantastic features of the new iPad, a lot of people may be tempted to sell used iPad to get an upgrade.

Other tablets that have features that could compete with the iPad are yet to be launched, which means that the only other viable option is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, the Galaxy Tab has not yet been upgraded to compete with the latest version of the iPad. And since it comes at almost the same price as the iPad, it is a no brainer which tablet to choose.

Speaking of price, it is perhaps the only major issue that would make someone, especially a first time tablet user consider something other than the Apple gadget. If price is not an issue, people would get an iPad.

But then, size may also be another concern. A lot of people have been charmed by the 7-inch tablet PCs available in the market, including the Kindle Fire of Amazon and the 7-inch version of the Galaxy Tab. The thing about the 7-inch Galaxy Tab is that it is quite pricey for its size. As for the Kindle Fire, Amazon has already started drumming up the rumor mill that it will release a second generation of Kindle Fires before the year ends.

Would this be the reason Apple addicts have also been eagerly blabbering about an iPad mini to be released in the Fall? For those who want to stay with Apple but have a cuter iPad, then we can wait for a few months before knowing if your prayers have been answered. Once the iPad mini rumors are confirmed, a lot of people might rush to sell iPad and get their hands on something that may not have been possible had Steve Jobs lived (he was a vehement opponent of a smaller iPad).

Friday, 27 July 2012

Is Apple an Innovative Company?

Who changed the way we do computing nowadays by introducing the tablet PC to the market? Tablet PCs have made it more convenient for us to bring along computers everywhere we go. Affordable tablet PCs are available to the general public. It is said that the boom in the popularity of tablet PCs can be attributed to the introduction of the iPad to the market. They have made it possible for us to exchange cash for iPad. Many say that Apple should be thanked for enabling this because they were the ones who pushed for the development of the iPad.

Skepticism over the iPad

Can we consider Apple to be an innovator because of this? Many skeptics will tell you otherwise. Even before the introduction of the iPad to the market, Apple was touted as the revolutionary in making ordinary things the most sought-after products (like mp3 players with the introduction of the iPod and laptops with the release of the Powerbook back in 1991). These people say that Apple’s strategy is to look for an existing product and study it very thoroughly, especially its shortcomings and reinvent them in such a way that people will come to see it in a different light. This way, they are able to create their revolutionary products because they have reinvented it the right way.

Of course, the iPad belongs to this category of products. Tablet PCs were around even before the iPad. However, the audience was not impressed with its performance. People did not accept the idea of owning tablet PCs right away. They would rather invest their money in something that they were sure would be useful like the laptop or the desktop computer. In light of Apple’s product development and research, they were able to do something and find out what would make the tablet PC accepted by the general public. Those who sell broken iPad still make a killing.

Success of the iPad

There’s no denying that the iPad is one of the most successful products that came out of the Apple product line. The strategy to reinvent the tablet PC is what made this possible. You can see and feel the Apple trademark in every way with this product. They have done their homework diligently because it now enjoys extreme popularity all over the world.

You can say that Apple is not really an innovator with the success of the iPad. To become an innovator, you must be able to create something that was not there in the first place and make it become popular and widely accepted by the public. What Apple did was just to revolutionize and tweak the tablet PC into something much better: Something more appreciated and able to change the way people do things. If it does not work, you can always sell broken iPad to those looking for one.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

How to Upgrade to a New iPad For Travelers

Do not travel without your iPad if you have one. Two years and three generations since it was first introduced, the iPad has already boasted of having more or less the same features as a PC or a laptop. This is especially true with the new iPad, with highly enhanced features, from the Retina Display to an improved processor. But if you are left with your old laptop or the first two generations of iPad and you want to get the new model only made available this year, then, here’s how to get it by selling used iPads!

Option 1. Use your salesman skills when selling your used gadget. Networking can work when doing this, as there is still very high interest in old gadgets, especially those manufactured by Apple. Offer something good, be a good salesman to your potential buyers, and you will surely upgrade to a new iPad in no time.

Social networking sites might also help in selling used gadgets. You can post ads so your friend and relatives will know that you are selling your relatively new iPad, and you just want to upgrade.

In selling used gadgets this way, you should prepare yourself for surprising things. If you are selling your item to strangers or someone you bumped into online, then you better be cautious. Not everyone you meet has good intentions. Keep your guard up and try to have someone with you if you choose to meet up with strangers when selling your iPad. Your safety should always be top priority.

Also, there are online groups which you can be a part of as it can be a good avenue for selling used gadgets like laptops, smartphones, and tablet PCs. People from these online boards are used to purchasing and selling used gadgets, as long as they are in GOOD condition.

People on these sites are highly technical, so if you can’t deal with them the way that they want to be dealt with, most likely, selling your used gadget by this method is not for you. When selling used gadgets through these kinds of sites, it requires a lot of knowledge of the geek industry. If you can’t beat them or even join them, you might as well forget about selling used gadgets this way.

But, there is still a way that I can say is best and most appropriate for you, oh traveller.

Option 2. Get your hopes up because selling used iPads to refurbishment sites online is the best way to go. No need to quibble with customers, talk to friends, or use salesmanship skills. Furthermore, these companies will take your iPad no matter what its condition is. Just log on to and follow all the corresponding instructions. Success will be yours if you sell your used gadget to this site.

Enjoy travelling with an iPad, because you’ll never know how fun it can be unless you have it! Don’t miss out on all the things you can do if you have one.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Your iPad in the Garbage

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware of the negative effects of improper waste disposal. Environmental groups have been campaigning for awareness of this not only within their locality but also all over because its effects are not only felt where they are but also throughout the whole world.

People will tell you that selling iPads that are already old is one way of helping this cause. This way, you would not be bothered about what to do with it once the unit breaks down to the point that it cannot be repaired. You can leave that problem for other people to deal with. The concern here however, is that not everyone is aware that there are dangers when you dispose of electronic items improperly.

One of the possible places where these used and useless items can be found is landfills. Of course, we know that this is the most common way cities deal with the problem of trash and garbage collected every day from their citizens. People are not aware of the hazards that batteries and other internal parts of these electronic items bring to our environment, especially to the soil.

We all know that batteries contain lead, which is poisonous to humans and animals. Lead poisoning can damage the central nervous system, which directly affects the brain. When the brain becomes damaged, there is no more turning back and it will be too late to save the person as this often leads to death.

Another harmful chemical element that can leech into the earth’s soil with the improper disposal of iPads is cadium. Not many people know that this chemical causes cancer and is considered to be seventh in the list of the most harmful chemicals known to man. If it belongs to the top ten of this list then it must be something that we should really stay away from. Other chemicals that pose a harmful threat to us found in electronic items are mercury, flame-retardants and arsenic. Mercury is often the culprit in fish poisoning so you can just imagine what it can do to a human being.

When electronic items are thrown in landfills and their harmful components start leaking out, these components will eventually find their way into the soil as well as water systems. The spread of the poison will speed up because both soil and water are now affected. We all know that when the water system is compromised, a lot of people can be affected, as water is one thing that we all cannot live without. The damage that it can do to plants, trees, animals and most importantly humans is irreversible. We do not want that to happen to us or to any of our loved ones.

One alternative that we can consider is to sell used iPads instead of throwing them in the garbage. There are websites willing to entertain those who want to sell iPads even if they are already old or damaged. This is a much more responsible way of disposing of your old iPad if you do not have the proper recycling facilities for it.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Is Apple Out of the Hot Seat?

With the status of Apple as the most recognizable and singularly popular gadget manufacturer, the company may seem untouchable in its position. However, it has also been the subject of a number of issues, from debates regarding its seemingly unfair labor practices in China to the environmental soundness of its products. An investigative report last year ‘exposed’ the conditions of Chinese workers involved in producing the iPad, shocking people in the Western world of the unbearable labor conditions these workers had to endure to manufacture something that they themselves cannot afford to buy in their lifetime. On the other hand, environmental watchdogs like Greenpeace have been on Apple’s case for including dangerous chemicals in their ubiquitous products. Although Apple’s status still seems to be unstoppable, there are some fans who may have left the Apple bandwagon, decided to sell iPads, and switch to more socially responsible brands.

Despite the fact that Apple has already implemented their program for removing dangerous chemicals in their products, Greenpeace pointed out that their efforts might just not be enough to eliminate every possible deleterious substance found in the phone. Therefore, their goal has not been met and they still have to improve on it.

Because of this, Apple has now been on a rampage to eradicate all of these damaging and radioactive chemicals that may have certain affects on users. For example, the high levels of polyvinyl chloride found in the headphone cables can cause serious adverse effects on the sexual development of men.

Not to mention what it can do to animals if these things are disposed of improperly in landfills. The toxicity of these materials may cause more than the unspeakable. Another example would be the effects of bromine if it reaches the waste stream improperly. This fire retardant will definitely become a toxic pollutant that may deteriorate and contaminate land and water.

To prevent this, Apple has become more fervent in making the necessary changes to their inventory and process list. Now, they have launched more serious campaigns to recycle their own waste products and the products bought by their customers. Recycling, wiping out harmful chemicals in their products and implementing buyback programs to sell old iPads have been their answer to safer and greener gadgets for their users.

They also have regular reports on their carbon footprint and they recurrently check their counters to update the public about their green efforts. They have also stated that their gadgets are now manufactured with high quality recyclable materials that most recycling and refurbishing companies are very much interested in.

If you are an iPad user, and for some reasons you want to dispose of your gadget, do not just throw it away and defeat the purpose of recycling. Instead, you can sell broken iPads or those that are already considered ‘obsolete’ to refurbishing companies to have your item recycled for a better and greener resolution. Although the unfair labor practices issue has been swept under the rug, Apple has placed the spotlight on its environmental conservation efforts.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Choosing Between the New iPad and the Old iPad

It’s been several years since Apple launched the first generation iPad. When that gadget came out, everyone wanted one for himself or herself. It was pandemonium outside the Apple stores as people lined up to get theirs. The original iPad really revolutionized the way people looked at computing as well as paved the way for other tablet PC manufacturers to go ahead and make their own version. Now, it’s already in its 3rd generation called the new iPad and you see a lot of people sell iPad 1. There are a lot of very significant changes that were made since the first model of the iPad came out compared to the new iPad.

Let’s start with the form factor. Although Apple slightly altered the look of the new iPad, the original iPad is bulkier and heavier compared to the new iPad. However, no one really complained about it. The old iPad weighed around 1.5 lbs. compared to the new iPad, which is 1.44 lbs. The casing of the new iPad is thicker compared to the old one. The important factor here is the weight because your user experience will depend on how long you will be holding it without getting tired. With the new iPad, this will not be a problem as it is a little lighter compared to the old iPad.

One major leap that Apple made for the new iPad is the Retina Display that it now has. If placed side by side with the old iPad, you will clearly see the difference in the quality of the pictures that it displays. The screen resolution of the new iPad is now 2048 x 1536 pixels, which is almost four times more than the old iPad. Pictures are now clearer, more crisp and vivid. Watching movies, playing graphics-heavy games and looking at pictures are more fun to do now with the very much-improved resolution.

Another big difference with the new iPad is the processor and memory Apple used to power up this tablet PC. With the old iPad, the processor was a 1GHz Apple A4 with 256MB of memory while the new iPad is still at 1GHz but it is already a dual core Apple A5X with 1GB of memory. The new iPad is clearly more powerful compared to its predecessor. It will be more sensitive to your touch as well as more responsive to the commands. Multitasking will be no problem and applications are sure to run smoothly without any lags.

For those who use the iPad for fun, the presence of a camera on the new iPad is also a very big improvement. Now, you will be able to take clear pictures with its 5 megapixel rear camera with autofocus. The new lens and sensor will enable you to take better pictures and there would be no need for you to bring a separate camera with you. This is a very big difference from the old iPad because it did not have any camera at all. So you may have to think twice before dealing with those who sell iPad 1.

All in all, the new iPad is a big improvement over the old iPad. Think twice if someone is still selling iPad 1 to you. So if you are thinking of upgrading your iPad, now is the time to do so. The price difference is really worth your money.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Will the Surface Tablet Be the iPad Killer?

The introduction of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet on June 18, 2012 at the Milk Studios in Los Angeles created a buzz in the computing world. Microsoft finally launched a tablet PC that they themselves developed. They can claim that they developed this piece of engineering all by themselves as they did both the hardware and software components of it. This is very similar to what they did when they developed the Zune Music Player and Xbox 360 game console.

Microsoft is hoping that this product will be the product to finally challenge the hold of Apple’s iPad in the tablet PC charts. There are other tablet PCs out there that are much cheaper than the iPad however, people still prefer it over the cheaper ones. People would gladly sell iPad 1 if they had one in order to be able to get a hold of the new version. Microsoft is banking on their loyal followers to patronize this new product of theirs much like what those loyal Apple followers do when a new Apple product is launched to the market.

So will the Microsoft Surface Tablet be able to challenge iPad in terms of grabbing a big slice of the pie that Apple currently enjoys? Let’s check on the specs of the Microsoft Surface Tablet to see if it can indeed go head to head with the new iPad. The unique feature of the Surface Tablet is that it has its own operating system developed by Microsoft. According to the people from Microsoft, it will be using their newest operating system, Windows 8. The Basic version will also use Windows RT, which is solely developed for the use of mobile devices like tablet PCs. No one can really say if this is a great feature or not because we have yet to experience how Windows 8 operates or if it is indeed better than the version of Windows that we have now. However, Windows RT is something to watch out for. Since this operating system is developed for mobile devices, it is said to have low power consumption, which is ideal because it will use up less battery power and make the battery last long.

The iPad on the other hand is banking on its improved screen display to entice people to sell iPad 1 and purchase the new version. Although Apple does not need very much convincing to do as the Retina Display on the new iPad did excite iPad users and those planning to buy to finally make the purchase. Although there are also upgrades on the hardware of the new iPad, which makes it even more powerful than the previous versions. Apple has really done a good job in building up its brand, as people are just willing to gobble up anything that they produce. They were able to have a legion of loyal followers who will, no matter what, support the company and its products.

So will the war now be between Microsoft and Apple? It all remains to be seen until Microsoft finally makes the Surface Tablet available to the market for purchase. Until now, it’s all speculations on how the product will fare especially now that the market has become more discerning when it comes to how their gadgets will be able to meet the demands of their lifestyle. Until then, selling a used iPad for the Surface Tablet will be put on hold.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Should You Buy an iPhone or an iPad?

Which is which? It can be a bit of a dilemma for fans of Apple, especially if they are left with only enough money to buy one. Unfortunately, as much as we would love to surround ourselves with as much Apple as possible, these gadgets are not cheap at all. So, if you are going to sell your used iPad 2 or iPhone 4, which right now would be the best gadget to have?

Since the release of the ‘new’ iPad, the playing field has been leveled, so to speak. Both gadgets now have the ‘resolutionary’ Retina display screen. Both can run on iOS 5. But there are still two matters that give a slight edge to the iPhone when pitted against the iPad. For most people, the first factor would be mobility. The iPhone is simply handier and more mobile than the iPad. Moreover, there’s the Siri factor. Many users who use gadgets today are in love with how Siri makes it possible, and even safe to use a mobile phone in situations that may have been considered dangerous before. Do you need to use your phone while crossing the street, exercising, or even driving? Just dictate something to Siri, and your wish is her command.

So, next time you’d be selling iPad for something new, you may give more consideration to the iPad if it would be equipped with Siri and becomes smaller in the future. Don’t fret, just hope that those rumors about a mini iPad will come true in the future, so that added mobility would be added to the Apple tablet’s plus factors. Meanwhile, here are some tips on how to sell your old gadget effectively:

Tip 1: Are you confident enough with the company you have chosen? Try to conduct quick search about their background information. This is just to ascertain that they have the honesty and the credibility that you are looking for. This is all for your advantage, so take a little time to do it. Your goal is to get money and not to lose anything valuable.

Tip 2: Assess the overall user-friendliness of the website to validate that they can provide you with quality service. Typically, businesses that give unpretentious and more understandable directions are the ones capable of buying your goods for a decent amount. Think things over and decide if you will carry on the deal with them. Be extra careful and do not let your guard down. Always think that your satisfaction as their customer should be their key priority.

Tip 3: Refresh your memory about the functionalities and accessories of your gadget. You should know the basic specifications of your iPad or iPhone in its simplest terms. This can be a plus as you can make sure that you are only providing the right facts when it comes to the condition of your unit. Accuracy is key. Reading about these things for a short while will bring relief in the selling process.

Those three tips will surely help you once you have decided to sell iPad online.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Feast Your Eyes on the “Resolutionary” iPad

“Remarkably resolutionary,” oh yes. That is what tech experts say about the Retina Display of the latest Apple products.

Thousands of “new iPad” users were quite absorbed in what seemed to be the first tablet PC to have the highest resolution in the land. Clearly, everyone loved the Retina Display of the “new iPad” and they believed that it was one of the greatest innovations that Apple has invented, so much so that a lot decided to give up and sell iPad2s to get upgraded.

Now that the next generation iPad is available with the same remarkable technology (it was first introduced on the iPhone 4S), the Retina Display makes it the best tablet PC available in the market as of this moment.

The Retina Display

The Retina display of the “new iPad” can actually make everything appearing on the screen look stunning. This display can make everything amazing with all the detail that is seen with vividness and clarity. The Retina Display gives the iPhone user a chance to actually see images and texts with hundreds of pixels, better than any other device.

“It’s so good; it can pry your eyes away.”

As of this date, the Retina Display can provide the sharpest, most vibrant view of everything you see on the “new iPad.” It is considered to be the highest-resolution tablet PC screen, and in fact has the highest pixel density. The pixel density allows the human eyes to see items in pixels if the pixel density is low. This will be characterized by jagged details and blurry images when the screen can no longer support the details.

But with the Retina Display, the pixel density is high enough to make the human eye be incapable of distinguishing separate pixels. Though this was first thought to be something that would be achieved in the future, it was made possible on the iPhone 4S, and now, on the “new iPad.” Now that’s definitely one good reason to sell used iPads and get the “new” version.

Thanks to the Retina Display, everything just seems to be better and brighter. An iPhone user can enjoy rich crisp test, sharp graphics and stunningly beautiful images. An iPhone user will not have trouble looking at photos whenever he or she is browsing the internet, updating status using a social networking site, or watching videos online.

Having the Retina Display on the “new iPad” just makes its graphics “more remarkable than a printed page.” The main beneficiaries of this feature would be photographers who want to see the finest details of their work, graphic artists who are very meticulous about how their work looks like, and gamers who want to see images as real as possible.

If you have decided to let the Retina Display amaze you every time you use a tablet PC, then why delay? Go to and sell your iPad online. Why settle for anything else when you can have the most beautiful and clearest pictures from your tablet PC?