Friday, 1 June 2012

Five iPad Accessories You Need to Have

The new iPad is shiny, powerful and expensive. It’s an impressive thing to have. By itself, it’s an incredible tool, but with the right accessory, the new iPad is productivity machine.

People get an iPad trade in because they can’t maximize their wonderful tablets. They’re missing out on the good stuff!

Sure, apps make the tablet great, but accessories make the whole experience better. Some are even essential!

iPad Case

Having a case for your iPad is pretty much common sense. It’s one of the first things people buy after unpacking their iPads.

There are a wide variety of cases you can buy, such as Apple’s proprietary smart cover. When you close the cover, it automatically puts the iPad to sleep, and of course, the iPad wakes when you uncover it. The downside is that the sides aren’t protected.

There are plenty of other cases, such as ones that come with Bluetooth keyboards. If you’re not a fan of using virtual keyboards, get a case that has a Bluetooth keyboard.


When people think of a stylus today, they think of it as an obsolete accessory.

They’re wrong though, because a stylus presents wondrous benefits. If you’re an artist, then you can draw your graphics with amazing accuracy. You don’t have to keep erasing stuff. It’ll also make your Draw Something creations even more breathtaking!

If you have a note taking app that allows you to scribble notes, then a stylus is handy, especially if you use that app heavily.

Don’t think of what others might think of you. They might say you’re a hipster kind of guy, but prove them wrong.

Bluetooth Speakers

No doubt you’re going to be watching movies or playing music with your iPad.

Even with all the incredible mumbo jumbo Apple managed to cram into the iPad, the speakers are still going to be subpar with larger ones.

The speakers of the iPad sound thin and distort when pushed to the max, especially when playing action movies and heavy music.

If you’re a music lover that can’t stand low – quality speakers, Bluetooth speakers are a good investment. They can be carried around, if you buy ones that are rechargeable.

You can try the Jawbone Jam Box. It offers great audio quality, without being too bulky. You’ll be able to enjoy everything you play through the speakers.

Ziploc Bag

A Ziploc bag is an iPad accessory?

If you’re fond of using the iPad while going to the bathroom, the Ziploc bag is an amazing accessory to have at all times.

Not only will you be rendering the iPad waterproof, but also scratchproof.

Wrapping your iPad in a Ziploc bag is also essential. For those times you don’t have your case with you, and you have to put your iPad in a bag along with other stuff, you can prevent scratches.


These four cool accessories won’t cost you that much. They are really essential, especially the Ziploc. It’s a life saver if you ask me!


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