Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Declog Your Tablet PC

You can now easily sell broken iPads as there are businesses that make money out of this practice. For example, refurbishment companies like CashforTabletPCs.comhave been providing the service of allowing owners to dispose of their tablet PCs in exchange for cash. Not only do people get extra cash for their gadgets, they also get to do their share in preserving the environment by not increasing electronic waste.
They are quite popular nowadays and there are a lot of surplus units being sold at a low price. But whether you get a brand new, refurbished or repaired unit, one disadvantage of these gadgets is its limited internal storage space. Even the most advanced only have 64 GB of storage space, and can only be expanded with an SD card or an external drive. In a lot of cases, it crash when their internal memory is full, so their performance is compromised.   
People think that you need a lot of disk space to save a lot of files on your tablet PC. However, there are actually methods you can try to free up space. This way, you won’t be too frustrated with your device and think of selling your tablet pc and going back to a laptop.  Here are effective ways of always ensuring sufficient space:
  •     Utilize cloud drives
Most tablet PCs have or are able to access the Internet. When you have access to the Internet, then accessing your cloud drive is no problem at all.  Having an account in any of the cloud drives like Google Docs and Dropbox, among others, is a great way to have your files always with you without it congesting your limited disk space.  You can save your most used files in your cloud storage and just download them when you need them. Cloud drives are still largely safe and secure, so you can still use them without fearing for your files.
  •     Export photos to another device
You can install Bump, a photo-sharing device that lets you transfer or “Bump” photos you have taken and stored from your tablet PC to another gadget, like your desktop computer.  This is a seamless method that lets you free up a lot of space on your tablet by moving photo files onto your computer.
  •     Sync files between the tablet PC and another gadget or computer
This will help you manage your files by selecting only those that will stay on the disk drive of your tablet.  You will not have to worry about having no back-up file for those you accidentally deleted as there are copies left on another device. SkyDrive is one app that you can try for this.
These are just some of the ways you can unclog your tablet of files so that you can have more space for pictures, music and videos. There is no need to shell out cash for iPad apps, as a majority of these apps are free.


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