Monday, 18 June 2012

Are Tablet Owners the Modern Shopaholics?

There’s something very chic about shopping online. While shopaholics would agree that shopping in a store is an amazing experience what with the ambiance, security and exclusivity a physical store brings to the table. But it looks like people are starting to turn away little by little from the physical stores to shop somewhere else, where standing in line and looking through piles of clothes is unnecessary. All you have to do is to simply buy a mobile device, click and browse. Online shopping has not only revolutionized the way people shop and buy things, it has also changed the way people use their devices. A recent study showed that smartphone and tablet PC users are increasingly becoming virtual shopaholics, people who are getting addicted to shopping online. One of the major groups of shopaholics? Yes, it’s you, you little iPad monster.

Not only are iPad users becoming great fans of online shopping they are also contributing to the immense success of the said gadget by selling an old iPad and getting their new release, the iPad 3 (better known as the new iPad… or so I think). Recent reports have testified that the tech giant remains the undefeated tablet PC in the market with more than half of the market share under their belt. Now, studies from various financial and technology institutions are saying the people who own  iPads and other tablet PCs for that matter are more likely to spend on online shopping as compared to other mobile device owners. In fact, tech analysts are tagging the younger generation as the “tablet generation” owing to the fact that tablet PC and smartphone usage has climbed up to such unreachable heights that people are starting to sell an iPad once it gets old to get a newer, better and faster one.

In the United States alone, tablet users grew from 3.7 million last year to 54.8 million this year (and we’re only halfway this year!). Experts believe that by 2013, tablet PC users will grow to 75.6 million. By 2014, analysts predict that almost 90 million people or more than one in three Americans will have an iPad or a tablet PC of their own. The report also pointed out that the majority of the tablet users in the U.S. are between 18 to 34 years old and that most of them have smartphones, desktops and laptops too. We’re thinking these people have decided to sell old iPad for cash once to be able to afford all those gadgets.

With the rise of tablet PC users, financial experts say that online shopping has been greatly affected in a way more positive than marketers have ever expected. According to them, 52 percent of iPad owners buy and sell an iPad and also shop at home and online. Tablet PC users also tend to spend more than smartphone and laptop or desktop owners who shop online. An average of $123 in order value is being spent shopping on an iPad while smartphones get an average of $80 and $102 for the desktop and laptop. Owners of an iPad and other tablet PCs are said to be 20 percent more likely to purchase online as compared to desktop or laptop users and 50 percent more likely to spend top dollar as compared to smartphone online shoppers.

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