Monday, 25 June 2012

How to Minimize Data Plan Consumption on Your iPad

Allow me to empathize with you by saying that you have found the right article for your need so read on.

Just like everyone else who has decided to sell an iPad for cash to get a brighter, better, faster, way more cooler iPad, we also have great expectations for Apple’s premièred slate. The things is, just like us, people who have bought the new ‘resolutionary’ iPad were not as happy as they thought they would be for owning a cool Apple device. In fact, people were disappointed that the new iPad sucks up battery like a beast and dries out data allotments like a hungry hippopotamus.

If you’re reading and nodding at this article, you’re probably one of those people who have been shocked by the “You have used up your data allotment” message. But don’t worry, it’s not your mobile carrier (although it could be but that’s not the point of the case here), it’s your hungry iPad. Because of the overwhelmingly fast 4G connectivity speeds, your data consumption is also ballooning like a toad’s  jaw. How do you solve this problem? Optimizing your iPad (by simply disabling your data connectivity when not in use) is a safe answer but there are dozens of ways to make sure you get the most out of your data plan.

Tip 1: Use Saving Apps

As the Apple ad goes: there’s an app for that! For easier mobile data management (which is automated, I know you love the automated stuff), there are dozens of battery saving apps on the App Store like Battery Manager Pro. These apps help you save battery life by disabling your mobile data plan instantly when your iPad is ‘asleep’ (or when the screen is black) and automatically turns it on again when you wake your iPad. You can also try Battery Doctor Pro which tells you which apps and processes are draining your battery and your data consumption so that you won’t have to sell your iPad in frustration.

Tip 2: Save Articles and Videos to Reading Apps

One more thing that totally sucks up your mobile data plan allotment is your incessant reading and YouTube surfing. If you think 9gag-ing for a couple of minutes doesn’t drain your data plan, well you’re wrong. Watching an HD video for even 3 minutes can amount to a few dollars spent if you’re not careful enough. One of the best solutions for this one is to just surf and save. Developers who sell an iPad app like Pocket must have been genius enough to know this. Pocket, which was formerly known as Read It Later, helps people all over the world save hundreds of dollars in data plan consumption by allowing them to save articles, videos and pages of interest for reading later on (when the data consumption on your iPad is disabled and your Wi-Fi connectivity is out). This way you still get your daily dose of helpful information without breaking the bank!

Lastly, if you don’t want to spend too much on your cellular plan, sell your iPad for cash and get a Wi-Fi only model instead! Then befriend your local barista in a nearby café to get free Wi-Fi! Click here to know more.


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