Monday, 24 September 2012

Why Siri Is Absent From the New iPad

Many iPhone users today believe that the best feature of the most beloved smartphone is Siri, the voice-command feature available on the iPhone 4S and 5. The Siri technology makes it easy for iPhone users to use since they can state a command while their hands are kept busy with something else. It also stands as your own guide in almost everything: Cooking, driving, finding locations, and many more. Because of the positive reviews of the Siri technology, many Apple fans expected that the new iPad would have this feature. So many were really surprised (or even disappointed) that Siri was absent from the new iPad. So is it still worth selling your old iPad and replacing it with a new one?

How come Siri is not on the new iPad when in fact, it was much lauded by many iPhone users? Many even considered it everyone’s best friend that could convert your voice into written text. Siri is like your voice-operated scheduler that will constantly remind you about the things you need to do. So why then, again, is it not on the new iPad where you can do almost everything—the iPad that has almost everything?

Apple Can Never Go Wrong With Her

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Is it because Apple is scared of her? If you think about it, if Apple had put Siri on the new iPad, Apple’s tablet PC would have been given a boost against Google’s tablets. Another thing is, if the new iPad had Siri, “she” would have been a permanent part of Apple’s identity for all its electronics. Since Siri is a famous “lady” now for most of the iPhone generations, why not adopt her into the new iPad family, right? It was so obvious that Apple would add such feature onto the iPad that everyone was surprised when they were wrong.

Many people believe that if the new iPad had Siri, old iPad users will surely sell their old iPads, either 1 or 2, just to meet her. Besides, Siri has a feature that lets you use “natural language.” Moreover, the main reason Siri is the most famous voice-command technology is that she was given a certain level of personality; something that is lacking in previous and current voice-command technologies. Apple can even go further by giving her a human face.

Is Apple Right About Keeping Siri Out?

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Obviously, even without Siri, the new iPad still can stand on its own. Customers will just accept the affect that Siri is not there. And Apple is right. Besides, the new iPad has enough features to help it stand on its own without Siri, like improved gaming cores, the Retina Display technology, and a better camera. With all its new features, a voice-command is something that is lacking.

If you are the type of person who can manually compose your message, or schedule an appointment in a calendar, or maybe look up directions on the map with your fingers, then the new iPad is still a must-have. Besides, having Siri will just give you another reason not to do what you can do easily.

So, even without Siri, you can sell your iPad 1 or 2 and get a new one.


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