Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Not Just One, But Two Kindle Fires?

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Amazon is finally introducing to the public its newest offering, the Kindle Fire 2. The company, possibly inspired by the success of the first Kindle Fire that sold millions in its first months, claims the new Kindle Fire will make people think of selling old iPad anew. Insider sources say that the Kindle Fire 2 will be announced and launched to the public on September 6. They also assert there will be not just one, but two models of the Kindle Fire 2 to be launched on the said date. But before everyone cries, “We’ve seen that with Microsoft earlier this year,” Amazon assures that it doesn’t compete with anyone but itself. After all, Microsoft hasn’t announced its entry into the 7-inch tablet PC market just yet. 

The new Kindle Fire 2 is said to be thinner and may use more metal in the construction of its body. It is also said that a camera will finally be included in the features of the new tablet PC, although this is still yet to be confirmed. Will this be indicative of Apple adding a camera on its planned iPad Mini? Whichever company will add a camera to their own tablet first will be in competition with Google’s Nexus 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, both of which have cameras.

Since Amazon has tied up with Nokia for its mapping service, then you can be sure that it will come preinstalled with a GPS chip for location service support. The biggest and most significant improvement in the Kindle Fire 2 from the original Kindle Fire is the improved display. The new models will sport a 1024 x 600 and 1280 x 800 pixel display, respectively. As for the display size, the details are not yet final, although according to rumors, there might be two scenarios for Amazon. One is that the company will release two 7-inch tablet PCs with differences in price and support systems. The second scenario is that they will release a 7-inch and 9-inch tablet PC to satisfy the demands of the market.

With the second scenario, a 9-inch tablet for Amazon may be the company’s half-hearted entry into the market where it is supposed to face the Goliaths of the industry. But then, given that there were a good number of people who bought the 7-inch Kindle Fire, there may be indeed be people who are interested in selling used iPads and switching to a bigger Kindle Fire.

The two scenarios will give Amazon a chance to get a share of the market. For the 2 7-inch tablet PCs, the differences will lie in the ads support system. The lower priced tablet is said to be ads supported which will peg its price around the $149 rate. The other tablet will be free of ads, which will make the price shoot up to around $249. This price difference is probably Amazon’s strategy to outclass the rumored iPad Mini rumored to be launched this month.

Most of these specs are still to be confirmed come September 6 when Amazon finally launches the new tablet PCs. For now, you can just hold on and decide later to sell old iPad or not.


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