Thursday, 20 September 2012

The iPad for Sports

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To all sports fans out there, do you know that the iPad is used for Sports? Ever since Apple released its very first iPad in 2010, a lot of people found it very efficient in the professional fields like medicine, education, enterprise, and tourism. Now, the iPad can be used in sports. So prepare your to sell old iPads because here is another reason to buy the new one

Remember when playbooks were still made of paper? Well, players now love to use the iPad as a substitute for playbooks. Even the NFL Denver Broncos moved from the conventional playbooks to iPads. They ditched the thick 500-page playbooks for iPads because it was more practical. Why carry a thick book when you can have something thinner, right? Weekly game plans (with opponent scouting reports, videos, and many more) are already put inside the iPads, which will then be distributed to the players.

Apparently, this decision was received fairly well by the players themselves, according to The most notable player who loves it is Peyton Manning, a new quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos are only one of the few teams that have transitioned from playbooks to iPads. The main advantage of having the iPad as a playbook is that it reduces the bulk and weight. It is also an advantage because it is accessible not only in the locker room but also anywhere the player wants it. This is a great advantage since the players are allowed more time to study their game plans and game videos. They do not even have to worry about losing their iPads. Since playbook data is very confidential in the field of sports, the players can use the Remote Wipe option to erase the data once the iPad is misplaced or stolen. No theft will ruin their gameplay.

The main reason players can use the iPad as a playbook is because of the app developed by PlayerLync, which specializes in sports-based technology. This has invited several players to leave their traditional playbooks (and even sell their old iPads) just to have this app for easier reviewing of game plans. 
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There are even players who use the iPad to help them train. The Indian hockey team is one of them. The team uses several apps available, rather than just one app designed for their sport. According to Economic Times, Michael Nobbs, the Indian hockey team coach, uses apps like AVPlayer HD (which enables replays of videos for analysis), iPlayBook Field Hockey HD (which is used to draw strategy plans), and GoodReader for iPad (which is a PDF reader to highlight several sport reports and events).

The great thing about the iPad is that the coach can just connect his iPad to a television or LCD projector using the standard HDMI cable. That way, the team can watch training videos, drills and plays. Moreover, there will be fewer team meetings because the coach can just share data and ideas through their iPads. They can share anything through mail or Wi-Fi transfer anywhere, anytime, and they can access it on their iPads as soon as possible.

Because of its portability, the iPad was able to attract several buyers. Who wouldn’t sell their used iPads for newer and faster ones, right? Besides, the iPad can make almost anything easier and more convenient, not only with the device itself but also with the various apps developed for it. The iPad is very appealing for all kinds of users, whether he or she is a professional, a sportsman, or even an ordinary person.


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