Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The iPad Mini Rumor Roundup

There is so much talk about the coming of the iPad Mini that people are getting excited to sell iPad in preparation for its launch. There is a lot of information as to when this will be made available, and people are getting confused. For a long time, Apple has never been expected to join the competition between Amazon and Samsung (and lately, Google) for dominance in the smaller tablet PC market. After all, Steve Jobs was reputed to be against the production of a smaller iPad.
But then, for the past two years, we have been treated to countless leaked photos of the alleged gadget. 

image credit to digitaltrends.com

People were even expecting it to be launched with the iPhone 5 in the September 12 event. Rumors, leaked photos, and supposed features have been circulating on the Internet. This has made people more and more excited in anticipating its launch and release date, although launch of the device did not happen.

Since 7-inch tablet PCs have become famous and preferred by a lot of users, it is not unusual for the Cupertino, CA tech giant to enter into this market, although it was said before that they would never produce a small iPad. But things changed, and now we see the company seemingly responding to the public clamor to have their own small tablet PC made available. People from the company, especially after Jobs’ death, now believe that there is a separate market for this smaller version of their successful iPad and will not encroach on its territory. Moreover, recent court evidence has shown that Jobs was actually receptive to the idea of a smaller iPad.

The smaller iPad is said to be released sometime in October and not in September as was initially thought. Rumor has it that Apple did not want the focus of the people to be divided between the iPad Mini and the iPhone, and wanted the spotlight only on the latter. They say that the iPad Mini deserves its own time in the spotlight, so we can only deduce that it will have its own launch and release date in the future. So, until then, it may be a good idea to start entertaining plans to sell your iPad.

The iPad Mini is said to have a screen size between 7 to 7.85 inches, although there are reports saying it might have a 9-inch screen, comparable to the kindle Fire HD. As to it having a Retina Display, it still remains to be seen. Internal storage is placed at 8 GB, much like that of the Nexus 7 and the first generation of Kindle Fires. Other features are yet to be discovered and will only be known when the time comes for the company to announce its launch to millions of eagerly anticipating loyal followers. So hold on to your devices folks and don’t sell iPad yet until the word becomes official. Be quick on your reflexes though, as a day late will already decrease your iPad’s value.


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