Friday, 27 July 2012

Is Apple an Innovative Company?

Who changed the way we do computing nowadays by introducing the tablet PC to the market? Tablet PCs have made it more convenient for us to bring along computers everywhere we go. Affordable tablet PCs are available to the general public. It is said that the boom in the popularity of tablet PCs can be attributed to the introduction of the iPad to the market. They have made it possible for us to exchange cash for iPad. Many say that Apple should be thanked for enabling this because they were the ones who pushed for the development of the iPad.

Skepticism over the iPad

Can we consider Apple to be an innovator because of this? Many skeptics will tell you otherwise. Even before the introduction of the iPad to the market, Apple was touted as the revolutionary in making ordinary things the most sought-after products (like mp3 players with the introduction of the iPod and laptops with the release of the Powerbook back in 1991). These people say that Apple’s strategy is to look for an existing product and study it very thoroughly, especially its shortcomings and reinvent them in such a way that people will come to see it in a different light. This way, they are able to create their revolutionary products because they have reinvented it the right way.

Of course, the iPad belongs to this category of products. Tablet PCs were around even before the iPad. However, the audience was not impressed with its performance. People did not accept the idea of owning tablet PCs right away. They would rather invest their money in something that they were sure would be useful like the laptop or the desktop computer. In light of Apple’s product development and research, they were able to do something and find out what would make the tablet PC accepted by the general public. Those who sell broken iPad still make a killing.

Success of the iPad

There’s no denying that the iPad is one of the most successful products that came out of the Apple product line. The strategy to reinvent the tablet PC is what made this possible. You can see and feel the Apple trademark in every way with this product. They have done their homework diligently because it now enjoys extreme popularity all over the world.

You can say that Apple is not really an innovator with the success of the iPad. To become an innovator, you must be able to create something that was not there in the first place and make it become popular and widely accepted by the public. What Apple did was just to revolutionize and tweak the tablet PC into something much better: Something more appreciated and able to change the way people do things. If it does not work, you can always sell broken iPad to those looking for one.


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