Friday, 20 July 2012

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Your iPad in the Garbage

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware of the negative effects of improper waste disposal. Environmental groups have been campaigning for awareness of this not only within their locality but also all over because its effects are not only felt where they are but also throughout the whole world.

People will tell you that selling iPads that are already old is one way of helping this cause. This way, you would not be bothered about what to do with it once the unit breaks down to the point that it cannot be repaired. You can leave that problem for other people to deal with. The concern here however, is that not everyone is aware that there are dangers when you dispose of electronic items improperly.

One of the possible places where these used and useless items can be found is landfills. Of course, we know that this is the most common way cities deal with the problem of trash and garbage collected every day from their citizens. People are not aware of the hazards that batteries and other internal parts of these electronic items bring to our environment, especially to the soil.

We all know that batteries contain lead, which is poisonous to humans and animals. Lead poisoning can damage the central nervous system, which directly affects the brain. When the brain becomes damaged, there is no more turning back and it will be too late to save the person as this often leads to death.

Another harmful chemical element that can leech into the earth’s soil with the improper disposal of iPads is cadium. Not many people know that this chemical causes cancer and is considered to be seventh in the list of the most harmful chemicals known to man. If it belongs to the top ten of this list then it must be something that we should really stay away from. Other chemicals that pose a harmful threat to us found in electronic items are mercury, flame-retardants and arsenic. Mercury is often the culprit in fish poisoning so you can just imagine what it can do to a human being.

When electronic items are thrown in landfills and their harmful components start leaking out, these components will eventually find their way into the soil as well as water systems. The spread of the poison will speed up because both soil and water are now affected. We all know that when the water system is compromised, a lot of people can be affected, as water is one thing that we all cannot live without. The damage that it can do to plants, trees, animals and most importantly humans is irreversible. We do not want that to happen to us or to any of our loved ones.

One alternative that we can consider is to sell used iPads instead of throwing them in the garbage. There are websites willing to entertain those who want to sell iPads even if they are already old or damaged. This is a much more responsible way of disposing of your old iPad if you do not have the proper recycling facilities for it.


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