Friday, 6 July 2012

Should You Buy an iPhone or an iPad?

Which is which? It can be a bit of a dilemma for fans of Apple, especially if they are left with only enough money to buy one. Unfortunately, as much as we would love to surround ourselves with as much Apple as possible, these gadgets are not cheap at all. So, if you are going to sell your used iPad 2 or iPhone 4, which right now would be the best gadget to have?

Since the release of the ‘new’ iPad, the playing field has been leveled, so to speak. Both gadgets now have the ‘resolutionary’ Retina display screen. Both can run on iOS 5. But there are still two matters that give a slight edge to the iPhone when pitted against the iPad. For most people, the first factor would be mobility. The iPhone is simply handier and more mobile than the iPad. Moreover, there’s the Siri factor. Many users who use gadgets today are in love with how Siri makes it possible, and even safe to use a mobile phone in situations that may have been considered dangerous before. Do you need to use your phone while crossing the street, exercising, or even driving? Just dictate something to Siri, and your wish is her command.

So, next time you’d be selling iPad for something new, you may give more consideration to the iPad if it would be equipped with Siri and becomes smaller in the future. Don’t fret, just hope that those rumors about a mini iPad will come true in the future, so that added mobility would be added to the Apple tablet’s plus factors. Meanwhile, here are some tips on how to sell your old gadget effectively:

Tip 1: Are you confident enough with the company you have chosen? Try to conduct quick search about their background information. This is just to ascertain that they have the honesty and the credibility that you are looking for. This is all for your advantage, so take a little time to do it. Your goal is to get money and not to lose anything valuable.

Tip 2: Assess the overall user-friendliness of the website to validate that they can provide you with quality service. Typically, businesses that give unpretentious and more understandable directions are the ones capable of buying your goods for a decent amount. Think things over and decide if you will carry on the deal with them. Be extra careful and do not let your guard down. Always think that your satisfaction as their customer should be their key priority.

Tip 3: Refresh your memory about the functionalities and accessories of your gadget. You should know the basic specifications of your iPad or iPhone in its simplest terms. This can be a plus as you can make sure that you are only providing the right facts when it comes to the condition of your unit. Accuracy is key. Reading about these things for a short while will bring relief in the selling process.

Those three tips will surely help you once you have decided to sell iPad online.


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