Monday, 9 July 2012

Will the Surface Tablet Be the iPad Killer?

The introduction of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet on June 18, 2012 at the Milk Studios in Los Angeles created a buzz in the computing world. Microsoft finally launched a tablet PC that they themselves developed. They can claim that they developed this piece of engineering all by themselves as they did both the hardware and software components of it. This is very similar to what they did when they developed the Zune Music Player and Xbox 360 game console.

Microsoft is hoping that this product will be the product to finally challenge the hold of Apple’s iPad in the tablet PC charts. There are other tablet PCs out there that are much cheaper than the iPad however, people still prefer it over the cheaper ones. People would gladly sell iPad 1 if they had one in order to be able to get a hold of the new version. Microsoft is banking on their loyal followers to patronize this new product of theirs much like what those loyal Apple followers do when a new Apple product is launched to the market.

So will the Microsoft Surface Tablet be able to challenge iPad in terms of grabbing a big slice of the pie that Apple currently enjoys? Let’s check on the specs of the Microsoft Surface Tablet to see if it can indeed go head to head with the new iPad. The unique feature of the Surface Tablet is that it has its own operating system developed by Microsoft. According to the people from Microsoft, it will be using their newest operating system, Windows 8. The Basic version will also use Windows RT, which is solely developed for the use of mobile devices like tablet PCs. No one can really say if this is a great feature or not because we have yet to experience how Windows 8 operates or if it is indeed better than the version of Windows that we have now. However, Windows RT is something to watch out for. Since this operating system is developed for mobile devices, it is said to have low power consumption, which is ideal because it will use up less battery power and make the battery last long.

The iPad on the other hand is banking on its improved screen display to entice people to sell iPad 1 and purchase the new version. Although Apple does not need very much convincing to do as the Retina Display on the new iPad did excite iPad users and those planning to buy to finally make the purchase. Although there are also upgrades on the hardware of the new iPad, which makes it even more powerful than the previous versions. Apple has really done a good job in building up its brand, as people are just willing to gobble up anything that they produce. They were able to have a legion of loyal followers who will, no matter what, support the company and its products.

So will the war now be between Microsoft and Apple? It all remains to be seen until Microsoft finally makes the Surface Tablet available to the market for purchase. Until now, it’s all speculations on how the product will fare especially now that the market has become more discerning when it comes to how their gadgets will be able to meet the demands of their lifestyle. Until then, selling a used iPad for the Surface Tablet will be put on hold.


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