Wednesday, 25 July 2012

How to Upgrade to a New iPad For Travelers

Do not travel without your iPad if you have one. Two years and three generations since it was first introduced, the iPad has already boasted of having more or less the same features as a PC or a laptop. This is especially true with the new iPad, with highly enhanced features, from the Retina Display to an improved processor. But if you are left with your old laptop or the first two generations of iPad and you want to get the new model only made available this year, then, here’s how to get it by selling used iPads!

Option 1. Use your salesman skills when selling your used gadget. Networking can work when doing this, as there is still very high interest in old gadgets, especially those manufactured by Apple. Offer something good, be a good salesman to your potential buyers, and you will surely upgrade to a new iPad in no time.

Social networking sites might also help in selling used gadgets. You can post ads so your friend and relatives will know that you are selling your relatively new iPad, and you just want to upgrade.

In selling used gadgets this way, you should prepare yourself for surprising things. If you are selling your item to strangers or someone you bumped into online, then you better be cautious. Not everyone you meet has good intentions. Keep your guard up and try to have someone with you if you choose to meet up with strangers when selling your iPad. Your safety should always be top priority.

Also, there are online groups which you can be a part of as it can be a good avenue for selling used gadgets like laptops, smartphones, and tablet PCs. People from these online boards are used to purchasing and selling used gadgets, as long as they are in GOOD condition.

People on these sites are highly technical, so if you can’t deal with them the way that they want to be dealt with, most likely, selling your used gadget by this method is not for you. When selling used gadgets through these kinds of sites, it requires a lot of knowledge of the geek industry. If you can’t beat them or even join them, you might as well forget about selling used gadgets this way.

But, there is still a way that I can say is best and most appropriate for you, oh traveller.

Option 2. Get your hopes up because selling used iPads to refurbishment sites online is the best way to go. No need to quibble with customers, talk to friends, or use salesmanship skills. Furthermore, these companies will take your iPad no matter what its condition is. Just log on to and follow all the corresponding instructions. Success will be yours if you sell your used gadget to this site.

Enjoy travelling with an iPad, because you’ll never know how fun it can be unless you have it! Don’t miss out on all the things you can do if you have one.


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