Tuesday, 28 August 2012

5 Best Apps to Watch Video on Your iPad

Before you sell your used iPad, give it the chance to become the ultimate multimedia portal. After all, it cannot be denied that a lot of iPad owners use their device to watch videos. There’s definitely no shame in this, as some of the iPad’s features, especially the screen’s Retina Display, have been enhanced to give you a better video viewing experience. Be proud you are using one of the world’s sharpest devices to watch your favorite movies. Here are a few apps for you to enjoy:

Netflix (Free) 

Where else do we start but with the mother of all movie borrowing sites? The app itself is free to download. With some Android devices, this app is already pre-installed. With this, you can manage your Netflix subscription and manage DVD and streaming queues. This app allows streaming of your favorite television shows, sitcoms and movies right onto your iPad. It’s a great app to watch all the classics you’ve missed or if you just want to follow some tastemaker’s recommendations. Heard of a great Bollywood musical or a European filmfest darling? Chances are, you won’t see that in DVD stores, but Netflix has copies!

YouTube (Free)

This built-in app is still one of the best ways to watch videos on the iPad. How can you go wrong with the world’s most popular video sharing site? You can search from the millions of videos available online. Its interface is very friendly and navigation is easy to understand. The best part is that you do not have to pay anything to watch the videos. You can even bookmark your favorite videos for easy access. You certainly will spend hundreds of hours with this app, so you may have to delay your plans to sell your iPad.

Vimeo (Free) 

This offers a similar service to YouTube. It now supports HTML 5, which allows it to play videos on the iPad. You can watch movies uploaded to the Vimeo site or the one that you made yourself using the app. The app also lets you manage your favorite videos as well as editing preferences of the videos. Vimeo is reputed to host better videos in HD, so if you’re finicky about video quality, this app is the way to go.

ABC (Free) 

This is arguably the best iPad app among the television networks offering video streaming services. This is the only big network that allows you to watch full episodes right on your iPad. You can expect to see full episodes of your favorite ABC shows anytime and anywhere you are.

AVPlayer HD (Free)

This app was developed by Eplayworks. This player is simple, easy to use and it works. It can play almost all video formats without any hitches. The only setback is that it does not have a web browser or a download option but it works very well for video files.

Think twice before you sell your iPad online as it can be your most trusty tool when looking for the viral video everybody’s talking about, or if you’re just passing the time watching random stuff.


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