Monday, 6 August 2012

Safety First With Your iPad

If you think that you will have to always shell out cash for iPad apps, especially for those that you use for your security, think again. Personal security has been at the news forefront, especially with the recent cinema tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. It seems that there is no place too safe for people these days, as they can be attacked even in the theater. Security apps should be a welcome source of comfort just in case something unexpected happens.

Here are four apps for your personal security that you can download free of charge.

The My Security App has features such as the friend tracker, which you can activate when you want someone to keep track of you. This is handy, for example, when you are walking alone somewhere you’re not sure is safe. The one who is tracking you will be able to know your whereabouts via Google Maps. When activated, the Panic Button feature will send your GPS location and a message that you might be in danger to people who are on your contact list.

Security of the data stored on your iPad is also as important. Try out the Hide Calculator App – it hides files such as documents, videos, and photos that you don’t want other people to see. It looks and works just like any ordinary calculator, but if you type in your password, the files that you have chosen to hide can be accessed. It is also a video player, so that you can open the video files that you have hidden within the app itself. This should be perfect for people who want to make sure the data stored on their iPads is safe, even in cases of burglary or bag snatching.

Find My iPad app comes handy when you forgot where you have placed your iPad or if you think someone stole it to exchange cash for iPad. You can locate your iPad on a map using iCloud to enable it and you will be able to see the approximate location of your iPad on the map. It also has a feature where it will display a message so that anyone who finds it can return it to you. The message will appear even if the screen is locked. The app also allows you to set a new password remotely, or if finding it has become impossible, you can remotely wipe all data on your iPad.

Finally, there’s the Guardian Trace app that lets the user make check-ins at regular intervals. Anyone who has this app will be required to send regular check-ins, especially when engaging in risky activities like going on a blind date or walking alone in the neighborhood. If you fail to check in, the app sends alerts, including your last known GPS location coordinates, to your pre-defined emergency contacts.

These apps are in no way a vehicle to instill fear among iPad users. It’s just that in our world, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Why not sell old iPad and upgrade to the new version? Rather than equipping yourself with exaggerated implements like a gun or a knife, do it the intelligent way – the iPad!


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