Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Better Pictures With Your iPad

No one can fault the designers of the iPad for resting on their laurels. For the past three versions of the iPad, the improvements on the gadget have been constant. It seems Apple has always been trying to outdo itself for the benefit of the customers. With the enhancements made on the latest version, it is not difficult nowadays to convince people to spend their cash for iPad tablets. One of the improvements was its camera, or rather, cameras. From its humble one camera set up in the first version, the iPad 3 now has two improved cameras.

But then, aside from using either of the cameras for FaceTime, not a lot of people know how to really make good use of their cameras, especially for taking pictures. The gadget is a bit too bulky to use as a point and short camera, after all. However, the iPad cameras are quite advanced and it would be a waste not to take full advantage of them. Here are some tips on taking good photos, so that your iPad can be a helpful gadget documenting daily life events.

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Keeping it steady

Since the iPad is a larger device than phones or digital cameras, it is more challenging to keep it steady. To reduce blurry photos, we suggest that you prop it against something such as a table or a book. You can also try to hold it with two hands and have a companion tap on the screen to take the photo.

Light source

One basic photography rule that universally applies to all cameras, including the iPad’s, is to know your source of light. If your photos are too dark, you have to move your subject closer to a light source or use a flash to create light.


Composition is another of photography’s basics. Everyone, including casual photographers like you have to keep it in mind, especially if you want to get some good photos out of your iPad’s camera. Be aware of the Rule of Thirds when taking photos with your iPad. What is the rule of thirds? Simply put, imagine a picture divided by two horizontal and two vertical lines, creating nine squares. Now, you have to make sure each square can stand alone as a picture. Know when it is best applied and when you can break this rule.


One of the things that distinguish a good photo from a bad one is that in the former, the subject of the photograph is in focus. There are way too many pictures where the background is in focus instead of the subject. To focus using the iPad, just tap on where you want the camera to focus.

Special effects

Finally, you can also use special effects to enhance the photos that you have taken. There are a lot of apps that you can buy for this but if you don’t want to spend cash for iPad apps, there are free ones such as Instagram.

Now that you know these tips, you’d be taking great pictures, so there’s really no need to sell your iPad out of sheer frustration.


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