Thursday, 16 August 2012

Sweet Music With the iPad

A lot of music lovers need to have their iPads with them so much that they immediately sell broken iPad to buy a new one. Just like the iPod has become inseparable from people who love to listen to their music, the iPad has also become the device of choice for anyone involved with the more technical side of music. With apps such as the following, it is no wonder that music lovers don’t want to miss out on what they can do with their iPads and iPhones. So, without further ado, here are four music apps we recommend:

  • Bandsintown (Free) 

Fans of live music will love this app. It tells you about any concerts within a certain area. This is best for those who live in cities with a very active live concert scene. One favorite feature of this app is the recommendation tab where it tells you if any of the artists that you have in your iTunes library are in town for a show. With this app, you’ll never have to miss another concert and claim that you weren’t informed. If you want to check with new and upcoming bands, this may also be a great apps so you can see for yourself who these newbies are and what their schedule is. 

  • Choreoloop (Free) 

This app is handy for both musicians and dancers that are practicing a certain piece. Basically this app lets you choose a specific part of any song in your iTunes library to repeat. Thus, dancers who are rehearsing a specific part of their routine can repeatedly practice that part without having to pause and manually go back to that part of the song. Musicians who are practicing a piece or learning a song by ear can also use this program when mastering a certain part that they find difficult. This app certainly spells convenience at no cost, which should benefit those who want to sell iPad for cash because they claim they can’t keep up with the costs. 

  • Uncut Radio (Free) 
Music lovers who want to listen to music non-stop will love this online 24-hour radio app. This app has actually been around for over six years and has made the transition into the mobile market to cater to iPhone and iPad users. A unique feature of this online radio app is that they accommodate listeners’ requests for any song. Requesting is done through the app by entering your name, and the song or band name you’d like to hear.

  • Garageband ($5) 

Of course, talking aboutiPad apps related to music would not be complete without this famous app. With just one app, you can play a host of instruments. If your friends have iPads, all of you can use the app, connect your devices, and have a jam session! 

If you want to make full use of these apps, sell broken iPad and iPhone for cash and don’t waste another moment! Get a new one ASAP!


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