Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Kobo Vox: Just Another Glamorized E-Book Reader?

A lot of people are now realizing that it is profitable to sell old iPad because they are still in demand despite new models being introduced. People are willing to spend their extra money just to get their hands on one. But then, these days the iPad is not the only gadget getting a lot of attention. While sales figures still point to the iPad as the best-selling tablet PC, other brands of Android-based tablet PCs have also attempted to grab a piece of the tablet PC pie. If you are looking for a tablet PC to purchase, it is best to read reviews of several options first to see if this is exactly the one that you are looking for. Take advantage of the variety of choices before settling for the one you could possibly sell your iPad for so as not to waste your hard-earned money. 

The Kobo Vox is one of those tablet PCs available in the market today. This product is being marketed by a small Canadian firm considered to be one of the underdogs in the industry. Actually, Kobo started off as a manufacturer of e-book readers, where it faced intense competition from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Sony. This tablet PC belongs to the 7-inch category, as it is only 7.5 inches, which is smaller than the Playbook, RIM’s troubled tablet PC, but a little bit bigger than the Amazon Kindle. But the differences in sizes can be negligible as what matters is what is inside the unit as well as the performance when compared to the other tablet PCs of the same size. For some people though, even a quarter of an inch can spell a huge difference in their choice, as they deem the slightly longer or wider one to be heavier. As weird as that may sound, that’s how particular some people are about their tablet PC choices.

Going back to the Kobo Vox, the unit is runs on an 800MHz processor with 512 RAM, which is significantly lower than most tablet PCs that you see nowadays. Thus, you can’t really expect the device to be as fast or responsive as other tablet PCs. But considering the market of the Vox includes individuals who primarily use the e-book functionality of their devices, having a slightly slower tablet OC is not that big of a deal.

It is only available in 8 GB internal storage of which only about 5 GB is usable. Users can expand the Vox’s storage with the microSD card, and you can always add up to a whopping 32 GB of additional storage. Connection is only available via Wi-Fi and battery life lasts only about 5 hours.

With just the basic specs, you can say that this thing is better off indeed to be used as an e-book reader rather than a full-functioning tablet PC. For the $191.00 price tag, you can get yourself a better tablet PC like the Kindle Fire or the Nook. But for most of us, a much better idea is to save up money to exchange the cash for iPad.


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