Friday, 3 August 2012

Can Old People Still Enjoy the iPad?

Whenever a new version of the iPad comes out, the first thing that most people do is sell iPad that they have for the new one. But then, instead of selling it, why not give it to your grandma or grandpa? You don’t get cash from it, but then if you’re looking for a present for them, a used iPad should be a great choice. Despite being a top of the line device containing the latest technology, you will be surprised at how easy it is for old people to use this popular tablet. Coupled with a variety of apps from entertainment to practical, it is guaranteed that old people will indeed enjoy the iPad.

The thing about old people is that they have a sort of phobia when it comes to modern technology. They fear having to interact with anything new, especially anything that involves computers. Every time I go to my hometown in New York, my mom still gives me her ATM card when she wants to get some money. She claims she is scared of operating an ATM. An ATM! What could be scary about punching some keys on a pretty user-friendly device? She says she is afraid that she might punch the wrong key and the machine would just suddenly explode. Blame it on those 1980 sitcoms that showed gargantuan machines emitting smoke with just one wrong move. When I asked her if she wanted an iPad for her birthday, she flatly refused my offer, saying she would just destroy it. She advised me to sell my iPad or that unit I bought for her and just give her cash instead. Now I know that my mom is not my grandma, but she is part of the older generation. So, I figured that if I gave her a used iPad, her fears of messing up might be assuaged, as my gadget wouldn’t be so sleek and sparkling new anymore.

One of the concerns senior citizens or retirees have is how to keep their mind sharp even if they are not working actively anymore. Thus, a lot of retirees’ pastimes include reading, doing crosswords, or playing games such as Sudoku. They can do all of these using the iPad by just installing some apps.

For grandpas and grandmas who are book lovers, they can read all the books that they didn’t have time to read before with e-book readers such as the iBooks or the Kindle reader apps. Both of these apps are free, and aside from that, there are scores of free books for download in either the iTunes store or on Amazon.

For crossword puzzle fanatics, a recommended app is Black Ink from Red Sweater. It is considered to be one of the most attractive and best functioning crossword apps available. Sudoku addicts, on the other hand, will not be disappointed with the Enjoy Sudoku app. Available for just $2.99, it is guaranteed to keep Sudoku fans occupied for as long as they need to be.

So, as an alternative to sell iPad, consider giving it as a present to an elderly family member who will surely benefit from this nifty device.