Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Can Your Tablet PC Be Safe From Malware?

A lot of people are already using Android tablet PCs for work and for play. You can see a lot of stores that sell Android tablets and iPads side by side to give their customers the chance to pick which device they prefer to have. Also, since Android tablets are much more affordable than the lowest priced iPad, people are leaning towards purchasing an Android tablet instead.

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Having an Android tablet is no different from getting an iPad. After all, Android tablets can do most of the things that the iPad can do. It really depends on the applications that you have installed on your tablet PC. However, there are instances that Android-based tablet PCs have been attacked by malware, something that has not been reported with devices running on iOS. Thus, one of the downsides of getting an Android-based tablet is its susceptibility to malware compared to Apple devices.

Malware is a malicious code sneaked into a program, which is installed when an infected file is run on the device and is meant to do harm to it and its owner. Thanks to the corrupt mind of hackers who spread nothing but negativity and things that would make them rich and powerful, these kinds of software programs have persistently ruined networks and devices. Android tablets are susceptible to malware because the operating system of the devices is an open source, which means anyone can make a program based on it without any restrictions. Android is based on Linux, which is free for all to use. Since this is the case, hackers have been using this to take advantage of people who do not have the know-how about these things.

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As for iOS devices, we cannot really say that they are not susceptible to viruses or malware at all. After all, any device that can be connected to the Internet is exposed to viruses. However, developers of viruses are not really that keen on making viruses for Apple devices. One, the iOS system only runs on Apple devices, which means the scope of damage a virus or malware for iOS devices is not as extensive compared to the damage a virus for Android devices may bring. Moreover, iOS is not an open source software, which means there are some restrictions on it that even hackers cannot fully crack. So, if you are very conscious of device safety and such, it is not really advisable to thinking of selling your iPad and switch to an Android device, because as far as security issues go, the iPad is more secure compared to Android tablet PCs.

Spreading malware becomes an easy task for the hackers because people are not careful with the programs they are installing in their devices. People easily allow these programs to run and have access to the information stored. When the malicious code is given access to the device then it already becomes infected. It is adviced by those who sell tablet PCs that to screen programs that are installed in the tablet PC because there are programs, even though legitimate have been infected by malware and virus.


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