Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Cool E-Mail Apps for Kids

Nowadays, kids know how to use the computer and how to surf the Web. Most kids even use an e-mail account. However, parents should protect their kids from Internet stuff that is not suitable for kids. Besides, parents do not have any idea about who their kids are corresponding with. One solution is to prevent kids from having an e-mail, or just create a Google Mail account to keep an eye on what is happening. Another is to sell iPad, but that is too much.

There is another solution, however. There are specialized e-mail apps developed for kids. These apps are even more interesting for kids to use, while parents can still keep an eye on them. Here are e-mail apps for children!


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This app has a beautiful web interface that your kid will sure enjoy using. It is very easy to install too. As a parent, you have to create an account. You can use Facebook or your actual e-mail address. You can then create an account for your kid, with his name and photo. All of these can be done on the iPad. You can now add contacts to your kid’s account. Those contacts are the only ones that can e-mail your child. More than that, they have to create a Maily account too.

The interface is very creative because it is more than just plain text. It includes colored pencils and paint brushes. There are also multiple stamps and it allows you to take photos to include them in the e-mail. It is very easy to use, even for a four year old. When your kid sends an e-mail, the parent will receive an alert. The contacted person will also receive an e-mail notification where they can reply through Maily’s web interface.

Kids Email

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If your kid is older or you just want a better app for more controls, you can use Kids Email. This app is available for a free trial for thirty days. If you love it, you can pay an amount of $3 a month. If you want more control over your kid’s e-mail, then this app is well worth your money.

First, create an account on You can then add your kid’s account. There are options for that. You can choose between the regular interface (suitable for younger children), and a mature interface (for older ones). You will then configure the list of security settings, providing you the amount of control you want and need over your kid’s account. As an example, you can just let your kid send and receive e-mails only to and from the approved contacts. You will then get copies of the received and sent e-mail messages.

Other Options

You can also use these apps if you are not satisfied with the previous two:

Kid Safe Mail: This app gives you an extensive parental control. It offers multiple e-mail domains and a more elaboration option. Sadly, there is no free or trial version.

ZooBuh!: Similar to Kids Email, this allows you to restrict times in which your kid can use their e-mail accounts. This app costs $12 per year PER child. There is also no free or trial version.

So what are you waiting for? Sell old iPad now so you can use these apps and protect your kids from unwanted e-mails!


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