Thursday, 11 October 2012

Three Most Addictive Games for iPad

The market for mobile gaming used to be dominated by Nintendo and Sony, with their Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable gadgets. That was before Apple released their first generation of iPhones. In the 90s, the Nintendo Game Boy reigned over the market, with the equally powerful Game Boy Advance as its successor. However, things changed when smartphones came on the scene. They introduced a new wave of mobile gaming. Unlike the games produced by Nintendo, games for mobile phones are not long and complex. They are usually short enough for people who are busy and who need a short bit of entertainment. With that in mind, iPhone game developers started designing games that were fun even in short sessions; they focused on simple yet addictive games to ensure that the games were not only cheap but also highly entertaining and engaging. After the first iPad was released in 2010, games were made available for a larger screen display. Even now with the new iPad, people are selling their old iPads to get the new one.

Here are the three most addictive games for the iPad that you will surely enjoy!

Plants Versus Zombies

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PopCap is a popular gaming software developer. Very different from their usual puzzle games, PopCap created Plants Versus Zombies in 2009 and eventually developed multiple platforms. In this game, the gamer must defend their backyards with a range of unusual plants, like the Peashooters which are used as the primary offense, Wall-nuts (the primary defense), and even Melon-pults, a very powerful catapult. The zombies are many and come in various types.

It has been proven that tower defense games are very addictive, and Plants Versus Zombies is not an exemption. Although its price ($7) is a bit higher than the usual price for tower defense games, I can assure you that you will find this one very engaging. Moreover, if it is your first time to play a tower defense game, well, you can start with this one.

Fruit Ninja

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The title itself of this app tells everything you need to know. So, you have a fruit, and you are the ninja who is supposed to cut it. The gameplay is very simple: You slide your fingers back and forth across the screen to slice the fruits. For each sliced fruit, you earn points. However, if you hit more fruits in one slice, you will earn a lot more points, but you are only allowed to miss three before the game ends.

This game is very addictive because it follows a formula: You play in a very short session but you must earn big points. The main objective is to beat the highest score. You can play a Lite version of this app but you will enjoy it more if you buy Fruit Ninja HD for $2.99.

Words With Friends

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If you love the classic game called Scramble, then you will enjoy this game in your iPad. It is very addictive because here, you can compete with your friends by proving how inferior they are to you. Words With Friends is almost like Scramble but it is very competitive. The gameplay is asynchronous, so you can have a match even if there’s another one happening.

In this game, gamers take turns in placing letters on a board with bonus tiles. They can play for a very long period between plays if they want to. So a match might not end in just a single day, it can go for several days! This app sells for $2.99.

There you go; three addictive games for your iPad. You can enjoy these games more with the new iPad’s Retina Display technology that enhances the gaming experience with its high-resolution graphics. So sell your iPad at and get the new one!


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