Monday, 22 October 2012

Tips an iPad User Should Know, Part 1

The iPad is a great tablet computer for many. It is really amazing what an iPad can do. But some people do not know about some tips that will be very useful to them. What if those tips will prevent you from selling broken iPad because your iPad won’t wear donw in the first place? If you are a dedicated Apple fan, then you should know these great tips!

Changing Music On-Screen

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Changing the music volume is no hassle on the iPad because of the trusty buttons on the side of our iPad. But, how can we skip a song when we are listening to our playlist? One way is to go to your music app, right? There is another way. This one is a little bit hidden but it is easy to find it if you know where to look. Just click the home button twice and when the list of recently opened apps appears, slide your finger across the apps from left to right to reveal music controls. You can now use it to pause, skip and play songs with it.

Skipping the Apostrophe When Typing

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There are times when we do not like the auto-correct because it replaces your words with ones that you really do not want to use. However, did you know that you can actually use it for skipping apostrophes? Use the auto-correct to change words that need an apostrophe, so that you do not have to look for the apostrophe on the on-screen keyboard when you type contractions like can’t and won’t.

Creating Folders for Your Apps

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You can easily organize your iPad by separating apps into different categories. You do not even need to think of names for the folders because the iPad creates default folder names. To create a folder, tap on the icon of an app and hold down until all apps are shaking. Then drag the app on top of another one and your tablet will automatically create a folder for those apps. To add more apps to the folder, just drag and drop the apps on the folder. You can create more folders so that you can categorize them.

Rebooting Your iPad

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You can solve many problems on your iPad just by rebooting. If your iPad is slow, then just reboot it and it will run as fast as before. If you have problems with your app, one way to solve it is rebooting your iPad.

But then again, many people confuse putting the iPad into suspend mode with rebooting it. To reboot it, follow the following steps.

1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button.

2. The iPad will prompt you to shut down your iPad. Follow the directions.

3. After the screen goes blank, hold down the Sleep/Wake button again to boot it back up.

4. Once you see the Apple logo, release the button.

After these steps, the home screen will appear and your tablet will be as good as new.

Lowering the Brightness to Save Power

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There are many factors that drain your battery’s power, other than using the apps. One way to save battery life is by turning down the brightness of the display. Do so by navigating to “Settings” then tap “Brightness & Wallpaper” in the left menu. You will see there a slider to control the display’s brightness. It is up to you how high or low the brightness will be.


There you go! Those are some of the tips an iPad user should know. Wait for more tips! In the meantime, why not sell your old iPad at to earn money enough to buy a new one?

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