Tuesday, 2 October 2012

When iPad Meets Classroom

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Even though there are a thousand game apps available out there for the iPad, we all know that there are still educational benefits that students can get from it. It is not only a boredom buster, but it is also a homework buddy. The iPad opens more doors to education and presents more ways to learn from digital textbooks to edu-apps. You can enjoy even more these apps if you sell your iPad online and get the new one that has Retina Display. However, the iPad is not only students’ study-mate; it can also be a teachers’ pet. There are a lot of ways that teachers can use the iPad to educate, communicate and still stay organized.

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Since its first release in 2010, the iPad becomes more and more a part of everyone’s education, from pre-school to graduate school. Nowadays, even teachers can now monitor how students learn.

The iPad can be a time saver for many teachers. For example, a teacher can give a quiz after a lesson. The students take the quiz on the iPad and the teacher will receive feedback fast. This saves time. If the students seem okay, then they can immediately move on with the lesson. If not, the teacher can go back through the first lesson again. The iPad can help you a lot more ways than that.

Secondary and college lecturers can also use the iPad in class. There are apps like Nearpod and Lecture Tools that can put teachers and students on the same digital page. That way, no student will stray somewhere in the digital book because the teacher can monitor it.

Although technology continually changes and develops, education seems like it stays stagnant. Almost every teacher teaches the same way, using the chalkboard or the white board. So, if a teacher is smart enough to use the iPad, he will open more opportunities to engage the students in the lesson.

The iPad offers a new way to share knowledge with the students in an easier yet more engaging way. Moreover, it helps the teacher build a stronger connection with his students, thus everyone benefits from it.

A teacher can use the iPad as a digital board, with an app like Educreations Digital Whiteboard. He can also connect his iPad to any electronic device in the classroom using apps like BrainPop or Spelling City. With these likeable apps, surely, no one will fall asleep during classes.

College professors can use apps like GoodReader or DropBox to let students study lecture notes, guides and other required readings without the need of wasting paper with photocopies. With those apps, even those students who are absent with good reason can catch up with the lesson before the next one comes, so there are no alibis for being unprepared.

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The iPad is not just a tool that can help teachers in the classroom. It can also help during non-class hours. Teachers can use the iPad for class preparation and management. There are apps like Classroom Management Essentials and Classroom manage that can help teachers to track grades, assignments and even behavior. For higher education, professors can track grades with Numbers and use Evernote to compile material needed for the semester.

Because of the portability of the iPad, teachers can now work anywhere. Teachers can now check the students’ grades, prepare for lectures, and many other things, anywhere, anytime. This just proves that iPad really is a very flexible gadget because of its efficiency and features.

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