Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tips an iPad User Should Know, Part 2

Hi there! Want more tips on using your iPad? Here are my other tips for you to know. Who knows, they might keep you from selling iPad!

Finding Apps Fast

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What if you have about a hundred apps on your iPad? It would be a waste of time flipping through many screens filled with different apps. Use the Spotlight Search of your iPad. This can be accessed by clicking the home button while on the first page of the home screen. You can also use the Spotlight Search to look for contacts and your e-mail messages.

Locking the Screen Orientation

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One of the basic features of the iPad is the continuous changing of the screen orientation. It is very helpful because you can view things in any way you want to. But then again, this feature is sometimes irritating especially if it the orientation changes just because you tilted the screen slightly to the right, changing it either to landscape or portrait mode.

You can lock the screen orientation in two ways. One way is that you flip the switch next to the volume controls on the side of your iPad. However, make sure that that button is really for locking orientation, because it might be for muting sounds depending on the set up of the iPad settings. Another way of locking the orientation is by pressing the home button twice to show the list of recently used apps. Slide your finger from left to right to show the music controls. The icon for locking the orientation is to the left of the music controls.

Turning On Multitasking Gestures

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For those who do not know, you can now multi-task on your iPad. You can now switch open apps by sliding four fingers on the display to the left or right. You can also bring up the home screen by pinching four fingers or the multi-task bar by pinching out. To do all these, turn on the multitasking gestures first by navigating to Settings. Under General, scroll down until you see Multitasking Gesture and toggle it on.

Deleting Old Games

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The great thing about the iPad is that even if you delete an app, you can still download it a dozen times more in the future. Even if you already paid for it, you can still download it without paying again as long as you are using the same iTunes account.

It is better to delete apps that you no longer use to create more space in the memory storage of your tablet. Besides, like I said before, you can still download them again, right? In the App Store, there is a whole section for previously purchased apps. That would make it easier to find apps you deleted. If ever you want to use a deleted app again, just go to that section. With this tip, you may not even need a 32GB or 64GB iPad after all.

However, think twice before you delete an app because all data associated with that app will be lost. Even if you download the deleted app again, the app is not like before; it is all-new. So if an app contains important files, better not delete it.


There you go! We are done with the tips. Just follow those tips and you are definetely going to make your iPad experience easier and more fun!

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