Friday, 5 October 2012

The Best Apps for Viewing Videos on Your Tablet PC

A lot of people now want to sell old tablet PC and shift to an Android-based device. One of the reasons for this is because devices running on Google’s Android platform are more affordable than the iPad. Some even claim that Android devices are a lot easier to use, especially when transferring various files.

Another reason is that tablet PC users who like watching videos find it more convenient to read e-books and watch videos using a smaller device. Currently, there are still no 7-inch iOS devices, and the iPod’s screen is too small for viewers to really appreciate videos. There are quite a number of 7-inch Android-based tablet PCs, including the Google Nexus 7, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.0. They are small enough to be handy but the screen is large enough for a great video viewing experience.

So, for Android users, here are some apps that you can use to watch videos on your device:

MoboPlayer (Free) 

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Many people prefer this app over others that also offer video playing because it can play all video formats without any hitches. This means there is no need to transcode or convert the videos for it to play on the app. This player supports both internal and external sub-titles.

mVideo Player (Free) 

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Many say that this is the best video player replacement app in place of Android’s stock video player. The only downside of this app is that it can only play videos and audio that your specific phone model supports, which can be pretty limited for some phones. However, since they are quite upfront with it, you know what videos to download and view from your mobile device.

UStream (Free) 

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If you like to view streaming videos or watch real time shows, then this is the app that you must have on your Android device. A lot of tablet PC owners rely on this app to watch special events like the Oscars or some final sporting match when they are in transit. Aside from watching videos, you can also broadcast live from this app. UStream is so versatile that people won’t mind spending cash for tablet PC apps if they are this useful.

RealPlayer Beta (Free) 

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This app is most known for its music playing and organizing ability. However, this app is actually an all in one multimedia app that also lets you play videos. It also lets you download and save several files at the same time.

Meridian Media Player Autonomy (Free) 

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This is the app for those who want to customize their video players. It even has a cleaning kit that can help you get rid of those multiple files on your player and give you space for more files. This is a perfect app for tablet PC users who want to have a personalized video player and also a very organized video library.

You can install these apps on your new Android device after you sell old iPad and see what best suits your taste.


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